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An electro-optical device including a chiral smectic C or H liquid crystal disposed between flat plates treated to enforce molecular orientation parallel to the plates. The plates are spaced by a distance sufficiently small to ensure unwinding of the helix typical in a bulk of the material to form t ...

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A laminate, electro-optic rearview mirror assembly is disclosed which is protected against scattering fragments while reducing risk of laceration if broken/damaged, against ultraviolet (UV) radiation degradation, and against fogging or misting in high humidity conditions.

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Briefly, according to one aspect of the invention, liquid crystal material, and especially nematic material, is encapsulated; according to another aspect the encapsulated liquid crystal material is used in liquid crystal devices, such as relatively large size visual display devices; and according to ...

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A light modulation device with matrix addressing including a matrix of cells. Each cell has two flaps fixed to a substrate by flexible attachments, a control electrode, a row electrode and a maintenance electrode. The flaps can adopt two stable positions through the application of suitable voltages ...

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A light modulating material consisting of droplets of liquid crystal in a clear or light transmitting, flexible plastic sheet or film, such as a cured epoxy. The light modulating material is prepared by dissolving liquid crystal in an uncured resin and then curing the resin so that droplets of liqui ...

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An automatic liquid-crystal light shutter includes a NAND gate integrated circuit and a pair of RC oscillators operating in cooperation with two solar cells which experience internal resistance changes in response to received light. The changes in the internal resistance of the two solar cells resul ...

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A liquid-crystal matrix-type reflection mirror (10) with a localized dazzle light attenuation zone. The mirror has a multilayered structure and consists of a broadband reflective base mirror (12) having maximum reflectivity in the range corresponding to spectral range of halogen lamps of automobile ...

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A reflection controllable view mirror device having an electro-optical assembly which changes its optical transmittance to vary quantity of light passing therethrough in accordance with the magnitude of the applied voltage, a control circuit to control the transmittance at a value so as to ensure pr ...

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A liquid crystal light valve projection type image display apparatus comprises an electro-optic element and a Schlieren optical system. The electro-optic element has a liquid crystal layer having a dielectric and optical anisotropy. An electric field having a spatial intensity distribution according ...

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A rear-view mirror for motor vehicles incorporates a liquid crystal film sandwiched between front and rear transparent electrode surfaces, the rear electrode surface being in the form of a lattice or net having a number of clear areas through which light passes unattenuated when the cell is activate ...