James H Jannard: Dimensionally Stable eyewear. Oakley, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, July 30, 1996: US05541674 (272 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are dimensionally stable eyewear frames, for minimizing visual distortion due to relative movement of the left and right optical zones of the eyewear. In one embodiment, the eyeglass orbitals are investment cast from substantially pure titanium or a titanium based alloy. The bridge may be ...

Ernie Fernandez: Sunglasses with adjustable ventilation. Pan Optx, Medlen & Carroll, May 15, 2001: US06233342 (208 worldwide citation)

Eyewear is disclosed for use in sports and the like which allows the wearer to adjust the flow of air across the inside surface of the lens without having to remove the eyewear. The eyewear includes a frame shaped to fit a wearer's face, one or two lenses mounted in the frame, and a temple brac ...

Robert G Wiley: Variable focus lens. Marshall & Melhorn, November 19, 1991: US05066301 (208 worldwide citation)

A variable focus lens apparatus includes a transparent, generally circular envelope, a transparent gel having a relatively high resistance to flow encased in the envelope, and a plurality of light refractive particles suspended in a predetermined orientation in the gel. When an external force field ...

Gholam A Peyman, Jeffrey E Koziol, Hirotsugu Yasuda: Soft corneal contact lens with tightly cross-linked polymer coating and method of making same. Roylance Abrams Berdo & Farley, January 26, 1982: US04312575 (208 worldwide citation)

A soft corneal contact lens comprising a soft, highly oxygen-permeable, polymeric lens having formed on the surface thereof an ultrathin, optically clear, impermeable barrier coating. The barrier coating is tightly cross-linked and comprises the reaction product resulting from an electrical glow dis ...

Michael H Freeman: Multifocal contact lenses utilizing diffraction and refraction. Pilkington P E, F Eugene Davis IV, Mark P Stone, January 20, 1987: US04637697 (203 worldwide citation)

A bifocal contact lens has diffractive power added to the basic refractive power provided by the material of the lens and the basic curvature of its front and rear surfaces. The diffractive power arises from concentric zones, each providing an asymmetric retardation of light across the zone width to ...

James H Jannard: Toroidal lens for sunglasses. Oakley, Knobbe Marten Olson & Bear, September 19, 1989: US04867550 (198 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a toroidal lens for use in a pair of sunglasses, comprising a unitary pane of transparent material which is curved about each of two substantially perpendicular axes, each having a substantially constant radius such that the lens defines a portion of the surface of a toroid. A cross-sec ...

Annie C Maiden, Douglas G Vanderlaan, David C Turner, Robert N Love, James D Ford, Frank F Molock, Robert B Steffen, Gregory A Hill, Azaam Alli, Kevin P McCabe: Hydrogel with internal wetting agent. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Todd Volyn, April 9, 2002: US06367929 (191 worldwide citation)

A wettable silicone hydrogel made by including a high molecular weight hydrophilic polymer into the silicone hydrogel monomer mix is presented. The hydrophilic polymer is entrapped in the hydrogel with little or no covalent bonding between it and the hydrogel matrix.

Douglas G Vanderlaan, Ivan M Nunez, Marcie Hargiss, Michele L Alton, Susan Williams: Soft contact lenses. Johnson & Johnson Vision Products, December 7, 1999: US05998498 (187 worldwide citation)

A soft contact lens comprising a silicone-hydrogel made by curing a reaction mixture comprising a silicone-containing monomer.

Timothy Andrew Large: Switchable lens. Technology Partnership, Watson Cole Stevens Davis P L L C, January 27, 1998: US05712721 (187 worldwide citation)

A lens assembly (1) comprises a lens (2;10,11;20) the focal length of which may be changed by application of an electric or magnetic field. A switching means (4,15) provides a drive impulse to change the focal length of the lens (2;10,11;20). An integral power source (4,15) provides power for the sw ...

James H Jannard: Cylindrical lens for sunglasses. Oakley, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 22, 1989: US04859048 (185 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a cylindrical lens for use in a pair of sunglasses, comprising a unitary pane of transparent material curved about an axis and having a substantially constant radius such that the lens defines a portion of the wall of a cylinder. The arc length measured from a first distal end along the ...

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