Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
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An optical identification tag comprising a retroef lective layer and a light encoding layer positioned over the retroref lective layer is affixed to a license plate of an automobile 110. A transceiver 500 is depicted illuminating the automobile 110 with a laser beam 130. A structured light pattern 1 ...

Craig Allen
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An electrochromic mirror device suitable for use in a vehicle comprises a first transparent substrate having a transparent conductive layer on a surface thereof and a second substrate having a conductive layer on a surface thereof. The conductive layer of the first substrate opposes the second condu ...

David Sherrer
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A molded mount of non-crystalline polymer material is configured to have a channel for retaining a silicon chip having a plurality of juxtaposed V-groove formed in a top surface between right and left side portions, thereof, a recessed area being provided in the channel behind the chip for accommoda ...

David Sherrer
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Optical interface assemblies are provided. The optical interface assemblies include a first portion having a plurality of optical waveguides. The first portion is configured for mating engagement with an optical fiber connector. A second portion is mated to the first portion. The second portion is c ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Dan A Steinberg, Mindaugas F Dautartas: Optical fiber array for preventing flow of glue between fibers and waveguide. Shipley Company, Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, February 25, 2003: US06526204 (15 worldwide citation)

An optical fiber array having wick stop grooves in a front face of the array. The wick stop grooves control the movement of liquid adhesive (e.g. UV curable adhesive, solder, sol-gel). Particularly, the wick stop grooves prevent liquid adhesive from flowing between the optical fibers in the array an ...

David Sherrer
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Provided are optoelectronic device packages. The packages include a base substrate having an optoelectronic device mounting region on a surface of the base substrate and a lid mounting region. An optoelectronic device is mounted on the optoelectronic device mounting region. A lid is mounted on the l ...

David Sherrer
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An optical device is disclosed which includes a single-mode waveguide (700) which supports a first optical mode in a first region and a second optical mode in a second region. The waveguide includes a guiding layer (703) having at least one wing (750) extended outwardly from the guiding layer (703). ...

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An optical switch provides improved high speed digital optical switching with a compact and fabrication tolerant configuration, and includes a first waveguide portion, a plurality of intermediate waveguide portions connected to the first portion, with each intermediate portion associated with a firs ...

David Sherrer
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An optical fiber array having a V-groove chip with a front portion and a rear portion. The optical fibers are disposed in the V-grooves. The optical fibers are bnonded (e.g. glued) to the V-groove chip in the rear portion of the chip. The optical fibers are not bonded to the front portion of the chi ...