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An in vivo diagnostic method for differentiating normal from diseased tissue is described, using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Differences in molecular diffusion between viable and necrotic tissue, and normal and diseased tissue, are measured using diffusion-weighted MRI techn ...


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The present invention provides microcoil-based detectors for detection of an analyte in a fluid, and methods for their use. In particular, the detectors contain a permanent magnet (206) and a gradient magnetic field generator.

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Method and apparatus provides for simulating digital holographic data on a desktop computer. In one aspect, an approximation of substantially accurate pixel intensities is achieved by collapsing three-dimensional data onto a two-dimensional view, without the need for constructing complex summations ...

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In order to perform an ECG-gating imaging MR scan with an exact ECG-gating time predetermined, in an MRI system and MR imaging method, an ECG signal of a patient is acquired. A preparing MR scan with a region containing an object to be imaged of the patient starts at each of a plurality of time inst ...

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Truncation artifacts in NMR images are reduced by splicing to the truncated data extrapolated high frequency data derived from the truncated image. The truncated data is Fourier transformed into image space and processed with an edge enhancing filter. The retransformed, filtered data yields edge der ...


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