Longzhi Jiang
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A penetration assembly for a cryostat is presented. The penetration assembly includes a wall member having a first end and a second end and configured to alter an effective thermal length of the wall member, where a first end of the wall member is communicatively coupled to a high temperature region ...

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A receiver processes an NMR signal to produce a baseband image information signal from which two quadrature component signals are derived. An intermediate frequency section mixes (303, 306) the received NMR signal with two reference signals (201, 204) to shift the image information into a frequency ...

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A guidewire 9 for vascular procedures is formed by a coaxial cable acting as antenna in a magnetic resonance imaging system 1.

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Eine Einrichtung zur Erzeugung eines zumindest weitgehend homogenen magnetischen Hochfrequenzfeldes und/oder zum Empfang von hochfrequenten Signalen in einer Kernspinresonanz-Apparatur, insbesondere zur Zeugmatographie, enthält mindestens zwei sich auf mindestens einer gedachten Zylindermantelfläche ...

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A magnetic resonance imaging system includes a magnetic field applying section (101-104, 107-109) for applying a static field, gradient field pulses, and an RF field to an object to be examined, a signal detecting section (109, 110, 111), including a homogeneous coil (109) and a plurality of surface ...

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Apparatus for generating and detecting magnetic field components oscillating at a radio frequency in a direction transverse to a static magnetic field in a nuclear-magnetic-resonance (NMR) system. The apparatus has a plurality of conductive elements spaced from one another and from the axis along wh ...

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An apparatus and a method for magnetic resonance imaging of a sample to be inspected, in which an accurate MR image can be obtained at a high resolution with permission of the sample exchange without the sample chamber to be taken out of the apparatus under omission of renewed operation of tuning an ...

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An insertable pickup probe (10) and interface network (12) for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. The pickup probe in the preferred embodiment is for use in imaging the male prostate and comprises an elongated shaft (14) supporting a patient interface balloon (16) at its distal end which c ...

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An apparatus and a method for analyzing the physiological state of a sample of a living organism of eucaryotes and procaryotes, for example, plants, seeds, tissues, calluses and microorganisms, permitting to examine the sample for its physiological state internally in a successive and non-destructiv ...