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Methods of organizing medical data include hierarchically relating a single type of medical or research event to medical data generated from the single type of medical or research event in a computer database environment. Organizing the data in this way enables a researcher to access medical data co ...

Keith Everett
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A multiple well plate and method for media exchange, including a body defining a plurality of cell wells each connected via a channel to one of a plurality of aspiration holes, is provided. The cell wells contain a porous, hydrophilic frit which is suspended on a ledge above a reservoir of fluid med ...

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The present invention is directed to a process for amplifying and detecting any target nucleic acid sequence contained in a nucleic acid or mixture thereof. The process comprises treating separate complementary strands of the nucleic acid with a molar excess of two oligonucleotide primers, extending ...

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A small diameter flexible electrode designed for subcutaneous in vivo amperometric monitoring of glucose is described. The electrode is designed to allow "one-point" in vivo calibration, i.e., to have zero output current at zero glucose concentration, even in the presence of other electroreactive sp ...

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This specification discloses sensor electrodes, and their combination with reference electrodes; the manufacture of such electrodes; apparatus utilising such electrodes; and electrical circuitry into which such electrodes can be incorporated, specifically the establishment of certain design criteria ...

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A measurement module for glucose testing includes a glucose testing measurement module housing, a test strip receptacle formed in the housing, and a connector portion formed in the housing and shaped to permit mechanical removable attachment of the housing to a hand-held computer. Electronics determ ...

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An electrochemical biosensor test strip with four new features. The test strip includes an indentation for tactile feel as to the location of the strips sample application port. The sample application port leads to a capillary test chamber, which includes a test reagent. The wet reagent includes fro ...

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A system for processing a plurality of tests or syntheses in parallel comprising a sample channel for moving samples into a microlaboratory array of a plurality of wells connected by one or more channels for the testing or synthesis of samples, a station for housing the array and an optical system c ...


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A spectrophotometric method is described of quantitatively determining the concentration of a dilute component in either a clear or a strongly light-scattering environment containing same in unknown concentration together with a reference component of known concentration, by a series of contemporane ...