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This specification discloses sensor electrodes, and their combination with reference electrodes; the manufacture of such electrodes; apparatus utilising such electrodes; and electrical circuitry into which such electrodes can be incorporated, specifically the establishment of certain design criteria ...

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An electrode assembly for polarographic assay of glucose in solution having a laminated membrane, the outer membrane being from l to 20 m thick and having a pore size of 10 to 125 A, the inner membrane having a thickness of 2 to 4 m, and bonded to the outer membrane with immobilized glucose oxidase. ...


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Electrodes are made by printing. To this end, a suspension is formed as a printable and conductive ink for fabrication of electrodes. The suspension suitably comprises a liquid medium containing (a) carbon together with at least one of (b) an enzyme and (c) a mediator compound.