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A method (500) of informing a vehicle operator to improve the operator's performance includes the steps of receiving vehicle operating data (502); monitoring an interior portion of the vehicle and receiving operator activity data from the interior portion of the vehicle (504); receiving vehicle envi ...

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Methods and systems are provided for an engine. A condition of the engine may be diagnosed based on a combustion torque profile of the engine estimated using signals from a generator operationally connected to the engine and/or other signals associated with the engine. Different types of degradation ...


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Turnkey maintenance of a customer's aircraft fleet is managed by a single management service provider (MSP) controlling integrated maintenance and materials services from a central operations site. The MSP converts data received directly from on-board aircraft systems into information it uses to man ...

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A method, in certain embodiments, includes controlling a first parameter set (e.g., fuel injection timing, engine speed, etc.) of an engine to reduce specific fuel consumption to account for a plurality of different fuels alone or in combination with one another. The method also may include controll ...

Manoj Gokhale
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A method of operating a turbocharged system includes controlling speed of a turbocharger and substantially eliminating choke of a compressor coupled to a turbine by adjusting exhaust flow through a turbine wastegate, or by adjusting airflow through a compressor recirculation valve, or by adjusting a ...

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A system and method for vehicle diagnostic and health monitoring includes a client computer device within the vehicle, coupled to the vehicle's monitoring systems, for data management, remote session management and user interaction, a communication system, coupled to the client computer device, ...

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The invention provides a system for monitoring a vehicle that includes a wireless appliance in electrical contact with an in-vehicle computer. The wireless appliance features: 1) a data-collection component that supports communication software that collects diagnostic data from the computer; and 2) ...

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A commercial vehicle fleet management system which integrates a vehicle on-board computer, a precise positioning system, and communication system to provide automated calculating and reporting of jurisdictional fuel taxes, road use taxes, vehicle registration fees, and the like. In a further aspect, ...

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A method and system for calibration of optical systems is disclosed. The system consists of a reference source (12), a spatial light modulator (26) for transmitting the reference source signal through non-imaging optics (30) and into the input of an optical system (36). The output of the optical sys ...