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A method and apparatus for measuring temperature under difficult environmental conditions, in which the temperature of a fluid between two reflective means is determined acoustically by recording the received reflections and determining their spacing by pulse compression techniques.

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A small sized temperature sensor for measuring temperatures in the body and for measuring temperatures in an extracorporeal blood circulation circuit, wherein the possibility of electrical shock and the cost are reduced, while resolution and reliability are increased. The temperature sensor comprise ...

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A measurement system for fiber sensors includes a broadband light source 11 providing continuous light which is launched into a fiber 20 having a plurality (or string) of Bragg grating sensors 24, 28, 34. Each sensor has a predetermined central reflection wavelength which shifts as a function of app ...

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A fever indicator which can be visually monitored by observation of a temperature-dependent color-changing characteristic thereof. Said indicator is advantageously formed of a mixture of liquid crystals, e.g., a mixture formed of cholesteryl pelargonate and cholesteryl oleyl carbonate and maintained ...

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An apparatus for visually signalling hearing impaired persons of the occurrence of an audible sound producing event. A plurality of sensing devices are individually located adjacent to a sound producing device, such as a telephone, doorbell, fire detector, etc., to sense the audible sounds produced ...

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Liquid crystals which have the property of changing color in response to temperature variations are contained in packages and are carried by an article of clothing. These packages sense the temperature of the skin at a control area and at an area that is related to the reproductive system. The gradi ...

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In a method for evaluating one or more components in a data center, inlet and outlet temperatures of one or more heat dissipating devices are detected. In addition, the temperatures of air supplied by one or more computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are also detected. Indices of air re-circul ...

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An optical method and apparatus for measuring the temperature of a substrate material with a temperature dependent bandgap. The substrate is illuminated with a broad spectrum lamp and the bandgap is determined from the spectrum of the diffusely scattered light. The spectrum of the light from the lam ...