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An exposure apparatus for production of ICs of the type that includes a stage on which is placed a semiconductor wafer to be exposed by illumination light projecting means, and means for two-dimensionally moving the stage within a plane intersecting the illumination light at substantially right angl ...

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A personal electronic ultraviolet dosimeter for measuring exposure to short wavelength electromagnetic radiation. The dosimeter is for personal use to determine cumulative exposure to radiation. Exposure dosage is determined through the photodissolution of a metal-containing film into a chalcogenide ...

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A nanowire array is described herein. The nanowire array comprises a substrate and a plurality of nanowires extending essentially vertically from the substrate; wherein: each of the nanowires has uniform chemical along its entire length; a refractive index of the nanowires is at least two times of a ...

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A system for wireless power transmission may include one or more charging panels and one or more powered devices. The charging panel may include a pilot analysis circuitry, processor and power transmitter. The pilot analysis circuitry may be configured to analyze the magnitude and phase of a pilot s ...

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The present disclosure relates to a sensor having a set of photodetectors that are arranged at various locations to enable the measurement of blood glucose. The photodetectors are arranged across multiple locations. For example, the detector may comprise multiple photodetector arrays that are arrang ...

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A noninvasive physiological sensor for measuring one or more physiological parameters of a medical patient can include a heat sink that can direct heat away from the light source.

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A first linear sensor array produces, at a first time of occurrence, a first image of a segment of an object as the object moves across the sensor at a variable speed. The image and its time of occurrence are accumulated in a buffer. As the object continues to move across the sensor, a successive pl ...

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The optical system of the present invention includes a lens system assembly, a spectral filter material and a pixel array configured such that small, distant, light sources can be reliably detected. The optical system of the present invention provides accurate measurement of the brightness of the de ...

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A UV stabilized multi-layer structure which has an easily visible UV protective layer comprises a UV protective layer and an underlying polymeric layer. The polymeric layer is either a polyester or a polycarbonate. The UV protective layer, which is exposed to UV radiation and protects the polymeric ...

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A hand held device for measurement of radiation includes a sensor unit and digital processing unit between the sensor unit and a digital display unit. The sensor unit together with a signal processing unit and the digital display unit are accommodated in a common housing, and a position-dependent sw ...