Serge Le Gonidec
Bornert Pierre, Le Gonidec Serge: Device for validating measurement value of dynamic quantity. Snecma, March 26, 2009: JP2009-063586

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device for validating measurements of a dynamic quantity when measuring, for instance, vibration.SOLUTION: This invention relates to this device for validating measurements of a dynamic quantity x coming from an article 3 having main sensors 5a, 5b, 5c placed there ...


Steven Jobs
Jeffrey L Robbin, Steve Jobs, Timothy Wasko, Greg Christie, Imran Chaudhri: Graphical user interface and methods of use thereof in a multimedia player. Apple, July 14, 2009: US07560637 (32 worldwide citation)

In a portable multimedia device, a method, apparatus, and system for providing user supplied configuration data are described. In one embodiment, a hierarchically ordered graphical user interface is provided. A first order, or home, interface provides a highest order of user selectable items each of ...

Abdo A Husseiny: System for prognosis and diagnostics of failure and wearout monitoring and for prediction of life expectancy of helicopter gearboxes and other rotating equipment. Technology International Incorporated, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, May 11, 1993: US05210704 (272 worldwide citation)

A wearout monitor for failure prognostics is a prognosis tool to predict incipient failure in rotating mechanical equipment. The wearout monitor provides maintenance management of a plant or process with information essential to planning preventive maintenance strategies. The monitor also assists in ...

Paul McAvinney, Dean H Rubine: VideoHarp. Sensor Frame Corporation, Reed Smith Shaw & McClay, November 6, 1990: US04968877 (204 worldwide citation)

The VideoHarp is an optical-scanning device for sensing and tracking the movement of multiple fingers which is then used to control the generation of light or sound or to control the motion of other physical objects. Preferably, the VideoHarp detects the images of a performer's fingertips using a si ...

James C Sternberg: Rate sensing batch analysis method. Beckman Instruments, R J Steinmeyer, R R Meads, January 20, 1976: US03933593 (187 worldwide citation)

A portable, automated chemical analyzer having a polarographic oxygen electrode submerged in a batch of stirred solution. The signal from the electrode is directly differentiated and amplified to produce a signal proportional to the time rate of change of oxygen concentration. The membrane of the po ...

Charles Cheng Yuan Tung: Piece-wise print image enhancement for dot matrix printers. Hewlett Packard Company, Leslie G Murray, July 11, 1989: US04847641 (164 worldwide citation)

Print enhancement circuitry to enhance the printed image produced by a laser beam printer is interposed between the character generator circuits and the laser drive circuits to modify the laser drive signals provided by the character generator circuits. Bit data representing successive lines of the ...

Joseph J Gerardi, Gail A Hickman: Method and apparatus for structural integrity monitoring. Pennie & Edmonds, March 16, 1993: US05195046 (161 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for monitoring a structure and detecting disturbances and faults associated with such structure. The system includes an actuation device for mechanically exciting the structure, a sensing device for transducing vibrations experienced by the structure, and digital signal process ...

Peter K Purdy, Kirk W Beach: Speed sensor and head-mounted data display. Insight, Ward Brown, Robert W Beach, July 19, 1988: US04757714 (158 worldwide citation)

A transmitter is mounted for movement with a skier or other self-propelled sportsman and transmits ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves toward the stationary medium over which the skier or sportsman is moving. An element of the same transmitter or a separate transducer detects waves reflected from th ...

Ronald G Canada, Kenneth R Piety, Daniel G Simpson, E Forrest Pardue: Vibration monitoring device. Technology for Energy Corporation, Pitts and Brittain, June 4, 1985: US04520674 (153 worldwide citation)

A portable vibration monitoring device (10) for use in connection with a base computer (11) which stores data regarding the nature and parameters of vibration measurements to be made on preselected machines for predictive maintenance purposes. The device includes a power module (36) which energizes ...