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A fuse apparatus including an elongated hollow tube with a reactive substance coating the inner periphery and adapted to support a gaseous percussion wave throughout the length of the tube.

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Explosive charges are detonated by remote control in environments having high levels of extraneous electric and electromagnetic energy by providing a separate control unit for each explosive charge. The control unit accepts coded commands radio transmitted from a command unit and, if those commands ...

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The present invention is a method, and an apparatus for practicing the method, that creates a product stream and a heat of reaction from a fuel-rich fuel/air mixture and then contacts the product stream with a sufficient quantity of additional air to completely combust all of the fuel, to which air ...

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An exploding foil bubble activated detonator, adapted for use in a perforating gun, includes an exploding foil, the exploding foil including as neck section which vaporizes when a current of sufficient magnitude and duration flows therethrough, a layer of polyimide material deposited over said foil, ...

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A flexible blast fragment blanket comprising a plurality of layers of flele blast-resistant material, and a multiplicity of blast-resistant plates embedded between said plurality of layers, said plates having greater blast resistant properties than the material of said plurality of layers, said plat ...

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Methods and apparatus for detonating explosives or igniting flammables are disclosed. According to some embodiments of the invention, initiators include an initiating component holding an exploding bridgewire (EBW) or an exploding foil initiator (EFI) and a flammable component housing thermite. An e ...

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An inflatable member having an inflatable element which in some instances surrounds a body. The inflatable element is surrounded by a reinforcing sheath comprising longitudinally extending, circumferentially overlapping strips the ends of which are received in sleeves. A member is positioned adjacen ...

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An unknown explosive device is safely neutralized, that is, rendered inoptive, without disturbing the device, by penetrating the device with an explosive-driven captive projectile from a safe distance and injecting liquid nitrogen into the device through the projectile to cool some internal parts be ...

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A perforating gun or other downhole tool includes one or more explosive devices that are activable by corresponding one or more initiator devices, such as capacitor discharge units (CDUs). Each CDU includes an explosive foil initiator (EFI) or some other type of a high-energy bridge-type initiator, ...

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A programmable electronic time delay initiator includes a digital time-delay circuit that counts in response to a dual-resonator clock and, at the end of the programmed time delay, gates the pre-stored charge on a capacitor to a semiconductor bridge initiator to fire an explosive. The timer circuit ...