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A system for powering and communicating with a mine or mine simulator, involving magnetic induction coupling between a powered search unit with a resonating primary inductance coil and a secondary inductance loop in the mine device. The current in the secondary loop is rectified in the mine device t ...

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An electronic projectile (10) for use with a standard cartridge (1). Projectile (10) and cartridge (1) are loaded into standard firearms and fired like a standard bullet. After leaving the barrel of a firearm, plastic sheaths (8L) and (8R) fall away and electrodes (19L) and (19R) extend outward on w ...

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An end cap for a tubular container having a deep drawn flanged cup adapted to receive an igniter device for igniting the explosive contents of the container, such as the propellant for generating gas for expanding an air bag in a vehicle passenger restraint system. The cup has in its bottom wall, a ...

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A firearms safety device in the form of remotely armed ammunition includes a firearms cartridge for use in a use with a conventional firearm having a trigger-actuated hammer with a firing pin. The cartridge includes a firing circuit that is operatively associated with a primer for igniting a convent ...

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A navigation system for spinning projectiles using a magnetic spin sensor to measure the projectile roll angle by sensing changes in magnetic flux as the projectile rotates through the earth's magnetic field is disclosed. The magnetic spin sensor measurements are used to despin a body reference fram ...

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The disclosure herein describes a frangible practice ammunition comprising a compacted mixture of fine copper powder and of a thermoplastic resin selected from the group consisting of nylon 11 and nylon 12. The mixture which is compacted by injection molding, has at least 90% by weight of copper and ...

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An intercept device for flying objects is formed of a lightweight, small-volume, packable structure made of a tear-resistant, pliable material, which can be stretched to a large, two-dimensional or three-dimensional expansion by means of a deployment device. To reduce the velocity of the intercepted ...

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A replacement for the conventional pyrotechnic separation device for large structural elements such as payload fairings on large missile systems is a sequence of nitinol wires or foil strips which, because of their high strength, will hold the structures together but, when heated electrically in seq ...


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A composite lead-free bullet is disclosed comprising a heavy constituents selected from the group of tungsten, tungsten carbide, carballoy, and ferro-tungsten and a second binder constituent consisting of either a metal alloy or a plastic blend.