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A gunsight mount composed of two support members, an upper sight support member and a lower attaching post member, is disclosed. One of the members has a recess, the other a projection fitting into the recess. A spring biased cam operated jaw is slidably mounted in the recess member transverse the r ...

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An improved gunsight utilizing radioluminescent material for permitting sighting of the gun in darkened conditions is described. Particular housings for holding the radioluminescent material are also described, together with methods of applying the radioluminescent material to the sights of guns.

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An automatic rifle is disclosed, of the type which exploits the pressure of the explosion gases for cocking the bolt, the improvement consisting in a simplified arrangement for the guiding tube in which the gas-actuated plunger or piston is slidably housed. A limited number of component parts ensure ...

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A gun sight which is adjustable to introduce a variable `elevation` correction into the sighting of a target, and which has a scale or scales reading directly in terms of the proper gun to target distance for any particular setting of the sight.

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A sighting device for use, for example, with a shotgun, the device employing a reticle of fluorescent acrylic polymer disposed out of the field of view. The image of the reticle is projected into the field of view by a preferably dichroic partial reflector. Windage and elevation adjustments are incl ...

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An aiming light and an aiming light adapter combination moulded together rein the aiming light adapter is connected to a weapons adapter, which is in turn locked onto a weapon. A projecting lens is held within the forward end of the aiming light housing by a lens retainer having a transparent window ...

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A collinating device for telescopic sights utilized in connection with a firearm is shown which includes a bore supported member and an upstanding member upon which sighting indicia are disposed. The sighting indicia preferably are in the form of a grid pattern disposed upon a film member. The bore ...

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A mount for securing a gunsight above the top of the receiver of a firearm, which mount is secured to the receiver by at least one pin which passes laterally through the receiver side walls upon which pin at least a portion of the action of the firearm is also mounted within the receiver. The mount ...

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A range finder device with a range telescope mounted parallel to and laterally spaced from a conventional gun sight telescope adapted to be mounted on a rifle. The range telescope has an optical and mechanical mechanism for sweeping its line of sight in a generally horizontal plane so that it crosse ...

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Battery powered illuminated gun sights for facilitating accurate aiming of a gun in the dark. The sight illumination is furnished by miniature shock-resistant light emitters, such as light emitting diodes, which are energized from batteries contained in the gun by operation of a switch on the gun. T ...