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Short power strokes of the ram of a catapult are obtained by high-pressure ir, and the snubbing action for stopping and returning the ram is by high-pressure oil. An exhaust port in the cylinder and a floating sleeve valve marks the end of the power stroke and the beginning of the ram deceleration. ...

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An apparatus for releasing an elongated body which has an annular recess r one end thereof including a piston means wherein one end of the piston means has a cavity for receiving the elongated body and its recess. The piston means has a plurality of openings into the cavity and a plurality of recipr ...

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1. Autarkic equipment for the rapid expulsion of torpedoes and missiles without start stage, which are usable below as well as also above water, the equipment consisting of a closed tubular container (1) for the storage and jolt-free transport of the weapon (4), latching and driving means for the we ...

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Compressed gas ejection apparatus, such as is used for launching torpedos from submarines, has a substantial drop in gas pressure as the article in the apparatus is accelerated to the velocity of the ejection. This invention controls pressure of the gas by a pressure regulator placed between a sourc ...

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A protective arrangement for a control wire extending between a torpedo and a torpedo tube aboard a boat. The arrangement comprises a sheath through which the control wire extends, the length of this sheath being less than the range of the torpedo and equal to the distance from the boat through whic ...

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A conveyor device in a tube, especially a torpedo tube of a submarine, contains a fixed piston rod 21 with a piston 30 fastened to it and a displaceable cylinder 31. The cylinder is guided in a sliding rail 35 and on its other side has a sliding track 34 on which a slide 4 is displaceable. The slide ...

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A torpedo separation sensing device having a laser for providing optical ses of energy which are transmitted both within the torpedo and out the torpedo. A first plurality of photodetectors provide a first electrical signal responsive to the optical signals transmitted within the torpedo. A second p ...