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A mount for rifles is provided, located under the barrel to allow the rifles to carry accessories such as lights, lasers, grenade and flare launchers thereon which mount fits existing rifle configurations without modification to the basic rifle components.

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A firearm rail adapter system for mounting accessories on a firearm. The system comprises a first mount, a second mount, and an adapter rail. The first mount is adapted to be mounted to the firearm and has rail attachment sections thereon. The second mount is adapted to be mounted to the firearm and ...

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A sleeve added to the upper receiver of a firearm for incorporating firearm ancillary equipment. The sleeve has an upper enhancement interface portion and a lower firearm interface portion. The upper enhancement interface portion has standard, universal dimensions regardless of the firearm. The lowe ...

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The present invention relates to an improved retaining and release mechanism for the magazines of automatic and/or semi-automatic firearms, in particular to a type of magazine which is provided with a lateral securing slot. A tooth (52) of lever (54) is designed to engage lateral securing slot (34) ...

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Described is a weapon including a utilization recorder having a detector for detecting activation of the weapon and producing an activation signal upon detection, a control module for generating a time signal representative of elapsed time and for causing the time signal to be sent to a recording mo ...

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Apparatus for mounting optical sights or other weapon accessories which locates the weapon accessories (e.g. optical sights, laser range finders, night scopes, etc.) at a reduced distance relative to the position of the barrel of a weapon.

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An electrified handguard for firearms has mounting rails and also supplies electrical power to rail mounted accessories such as flashlights and lasers. A handguard power coupler can receive electrical power from a battery or other power source located elsewhere such as in a buttstock assembly. The e ...

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A gun-mounted video camera is provided including a gun. Also included is a video camera connected to the gun for accepting video images of a target of the gun.

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A camera mount for firearms is provided, comprising a base plate; an intermediate plate operatively attached to the base plate; a dampening material, operatively attached between the base plate and the intermediate plate, for dampening recoil forces transmitted to the intermediate plate; and a mount ...

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A modular integrated rail system for a firearm includes an upper hand guard having a dovetail rail extending longitudinally between the forward end and the rearward end thereof. The rearward end of the upper hand guard includes a clamp that removably secures the upper hand guard to the barrel nut of ...