Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Plate-type reactor with in-situ injection. ARKEMA FRANCE, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney P C, December 8, 2015: US09205403

A chemical reactor including: a plurality of heat exchange plates which between them define reaction compartments, in which reactor each heat exchange plate includes two walls between them defining at least one heat exchange space, the respective walls being fixed together by joining regions, and th ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Per Onnerud, Phillip E Partin, Scott Milne, Yanning Song, Richard V Chamberlain II, Nick Cataldo: Method and apparatus for embedded battery cells and thermal management. Boston Power, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds PC, May 6, 2010: US20100108291-A1

Battery cells are embedded in a device to control thermal management of the device. One embodiment includes an embedded battery arrangement that improves thermal management of a portable computer, such as heat transfer and dissipation from heat generating components of the portable computer (includi ...

Dan Miller
Jeffrey W Hamstra, Daniel N Miller, Kerry B Ginn: System, method, and apparatus for pulsed-jet-enhanced heat exchanger. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bracewell & Giuilani, April 2, 2013: US08408281

A pulsed-jet active flowfield control actuation system enhances the rate of heat transfer and heat removal in a heat exchanger for better management of thermal loads. The pulsed jet actuators impart an unsteady component of velocity to the working fluid of the heat exchanger. This design increases t ...

Longzhi Jiang
Ernst Wolfgang Stautner, Kathleen Melanie Amm, Robbi Lynn McDonald, Anthony Mantone, John Scaturro JR, Longzhi Jiang, Weijun Shen: Penetration tube assemblies for reducing cryostat heat load. General Electric Company, December 6, 2012: US20120309630-A1

A penetration assembly for a cryostat is presented. The penetration assembly includes a wall member having a first end and a second end and configured to alter an effective thermal length of the wall member, where a first end of the wall member is communicatively coupled to a high temperature region ...

Longzhi Jiang
Longzhi Jiang: Thermal shield and method for thermally cooling a magnetic resonance imaging system. November 24, 2011: US20110284191-A1

A thermal shield and method for thermally cooling a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system are provided. One thermal shield includes a cooling tube forming a frame. The cooling tube is configured to receive therethrough cryogen fluid from a cryogen vessel of an MRI system. The thermal shield furthe ...

Longzhi Jiang
Longzhi Jiang, Gregory Alan Lehmann, Neil Clarke: Apparatus for thermal shielding of a superconducting magnet. General Electric Company, Cantor Colburn, November 30, 2006: US20060266053-A1

A thermal shield for a superconducting magnet includes a shield body having an annular shape. The shield body includes a material having a thermal conductivity greater than about 1000 W/m·K at about 70K.

Avi Tepman, Howard Grunes, Dana Andrews: Physical vapor deposition clamping mechanism and heater/cooler. Applied Materials, John A Frazzini, July 20, 1993: US05228501 (200 worldwide citation)

A clamping ring and temperature regulated platen for clamping a wafer to the platen and regulating the temperature of the wafer. The force of the clamping ring against the wafer is produced by the weight of the clamping ring. A roof shields all but a few contact regions of the interface between the ...

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A windshield washer fluid heater, on the engine cooling circuit of an automobile, with an exchange coil 7 around a rigid internal tube 1 which connects the flexible hoses 2 and 3. The exchanger coil 7 is embedded in the polymer material constituting the external envelope element 6 of the flexible ho ...

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The invention comprises systems and methods for ramping setpoints on thermostats controlling HVAC systems. At least one thermostat is located inside a structure and is used to control an HVAC system in the structure. At least one remote processor is in communication with said thermostat and at least ...

John Samuel Batchelder: Heat exchange apparatus. February 1, 2000: US06019165 (171 worldwide citation)

An apparatus to transfer heat from a heat source to a heat absorber, the apparatus consisting of an active thermal spreader plate with internal flow channels, a recirculating heat transfer fluid, and a means to impel the heat transfer fluid using an external moving magnetic field. In the most prefer ...