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A personal or spot area environmental management system has a low pressure air supply in fluid communication with an air nozzle and a water supply in fluid communication with a water nozzle. The air nozzle and water nozzle are arranged that the water nozzle includes a vortex in the air stream from t ...

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For cooling a gas by direct heat exchange with a cooling liquid, the gas (1) to be cooled is introduced into the lower region of a direct contact cooler (2). A first stream of cooling liquid (8) is fed into the direct contact cooler (2) above the point of introduction of the gas (1). Cooled gas (5) ...

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An energy storage and conversion system utilizes unique heat exchange media for storing and transferring heat. In one embodiment, a refractory material is heated to the molten state by a solar furnace. The refractory material is stored in its molten form and metered to a direct-contact heat exchange ...

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This disclosure relates to a rooftop evaporative cooler for cooling the interior of vehicles, such as campers and trailers, whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. The unit includes a rear-facing streamlined housing disposed over a rooftop register. The forward surface of the housing slopes upw ...

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An improved method and apparatus for cooling a hot pyrolysis exit gas stream by flowing the gas stream downwardly through a quench zone, the walls of which are covered by a film of quench oil while spraying quench oil into the gas stream.

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A method and apparatus provides conditioning of an air stream by cooling in a regenerative heat exchanger having two groups of channels separated from one another by walls through which heat exchange occurs. The air stream to be conditioned flows through one group of channels while an auxiliary air ...