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A cooking and holding food preparation unit is disclosed having one or more food receiving compartments each including a door and a gasket for hermetically sealing the compartment when the door is closed. An open-topped tray for holding water is located near the bottom of the compartment and has the ...

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Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a commercial deep-fryer cooker as used in preparing fried chicken or other food products. The controller (11), according to the invention, has been designed to control essentially all aspects of the cooking process and includes a number of featur ...

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The workpiece, which is horizontally held in the treatment chamber, is heated by the planar heat generating members disposed on the upper and lower surfaces of the treatment chamber and controlled to predetermined temperature through respective heat equalizing members. Thus, the workpiece can be qui ...

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A light-radiant heating furnace including a box-shaped container, having a transparent wall portion, adapted to receive an object to be treated, for example, a large-sized semiconductor wafer, a reflector arranged in the proximity of outer surfaces of the transparent wall portion of the container, a ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a manufacturing method of fine particles capable of obtaining fine particles of high quality having a fine and uniform particle size with high productivity, and a manufacturing apparatus of the fine particles.SOLUTION: A material for use in the manufacture of the fin ...

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The present invention relates to a ladle for the chlorination in co-flow mode of aluminium alloys in a molten state.