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A vertical heat treatment apparatus heat-treats wafers horizontally carried in a boat while keeping the boat vertical in a reaction tube. The apparatus includes a system for transferring the wafers between the boat and wafer carriers, a system for loading and unloading the wafer-carried boat into an ...

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Disclosed herein is a photoheating apparatus for heat-treating an object such as silicon semiconductor wafer in a flowing gas of a special composition. It comprises a container adapted to position the object therein, at least one part of the container being transparent, a heat-radiating lamp adapted ...

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A substrate holding assembly for horizontally holding a substrate to be treated is provided in a heat treatment chamber of a heat treatment apparatus. The substrate holding assembly has an annular base, and a plurality of fixed support projections provided on the annular base, for holding the unders ...

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Apparatus including means for adjusting vertically the level of a mechanical stirring member with respect to the vertical level of a melt, e.g. the vertical level of the interface between the top surface of an iron melt and slagging or the like ingredients floating on such iron melt surface especial ...

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A disk processing system having a plurality of processing chambers, a load chamber comprising a heater, and a disk transport system coupled to the plurality of processing chambers and the load chamber to transport a disk there among.

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A disk processing system with a load chamber having a stationary heater and a movable heater.

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A treatment system is disclosed, which has a treatment apparatus for performing a predetermined treatment for a planar workpiece contained in a carrier, and a first air-tight carrier storage chamber for storing the carrier. The treatment apparatus has an air-tight second carrier storage chamber. An ...

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In a molten metal stirring equipment comprising a hood, a rotary shaft extending through the hood, an impeller attached to the end of the shaft by means of coupling and a molten metal vessel which is taken in and out below the hood, the impeller replacement device comprises a work floor provided on ...

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The present invention provides a fuel feeding apparatus and method for improving the controllability of mixing process and mixing ratio of fuel and combustion air, and a combustion system and method for effecting new combustion properties. The fuel feeding apparatus of the combustion system has fuel ...

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A convectively-enhanced radiant heat oven includes an elongated cooking chamber with first and second ends positioned opposite each other. A removable holder is positioned in the chamber to hold food items for cooking. One or more heating devices are placed in the chamber to create radiant heat. An ...