Ravi Laxman
John N Gregg, Scott L Battle, Jeffrey I Banton, Donn K Naito, Ravi K Laxman: Method and apparatus to help promote contact of gas with vaporized material. Advanced Technology Materials, Intellectual Property Technology Law, March 6, 2008: US20080057218-A1

Vaporizable material is supported within a vessel to promote contact of an introduced gas with the vaporizable material, and produce a product gas including vaporized material. A heating element supplies heat to a wall of the vessel to heat vaporizable material disposed therein. The vessel may compr ...

Ihab M Hekal: Desiccant entrained polymer. Capitol Specialty Plastics, Reed Smith Shaw & McCLay L, June 15, 1999: US05911937 (192 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes processes and resulting structures for producing moisture absorbing desiccant entrained polymers. A polymer is caused to assume a molten state, typically by applying heat and melting the polymer. To achieve certain results in the hardened end product, such as rigidity ...

Michael L Boroson, Jeffrey P Serbicki, Peter G Bessey: Desiccation of moisture-sensitive electronic devices. Eastman Kodak Company, Raymond L Owens, May 8, 2001: US06226890 (133 worldwide citation)

A method of desiccating an environment surrounding a moisture-sensitive electronic device sealed within an enclosure, includes selecting a desiccant comprised of solid particles having a particle size range 0.1 to 200 micrometers, the desiccant selected to provide an equilibrium minimum humidity lev ...

Takao Soma, Ryusuke Ushikoshi, Kazuhiro Nobori: Wafer heaters for use in semiconductor-producing apparatus and heating units using such wafer heaters. NGK Insulators, Parkhurst Wendel & Rossi, July 27, 1993: US05231690 (127 worldwide citation)

A wafer heater for use in a semiconductor producing apparatus or the like. The heater includes a discoidal substrate made of a dense ceramic, and a resistance heating element buried in the substrate. The surface of the substrate other than that surface upon which a wafer is to be placed for heating ...

John R Napolitano: Orthodontic method and apparatus. Welsh & Katz, July 25, 1989: US04850865 (115 worldwide citation)

An improved orthodontic apparatus is provided having one or more brackets adapted for mounting on the surface of a tooth. The brackets have a wire receiving slot formed therein with non-parrallel slot surfaces. A tapered wire having non-parallel oppositely disposed wire surfaces is also provided. Wh ...

Wendy D Bennett, Peter M Martin, Dean W Matson, Gary L Roberts, Donald C Stewart, Annalee Y Tonkovich, Jennifer L Zilka, Stephen C Schmitt, Timothy M Werner: Active microchannel fluid processing unit and method of making. Battelle Memorial Institute, Paul W Zimmerman, February 27, 2001: US06192596 (108 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an active microchannel fluid processing unit and method of making, both relying on having (a) at least one inner thin sheet; (b) at least one outer thin sheet; (c) defining at least one first sub-assembly for performing at least one first unit operation by stacking a first o ...

Gregory L Dhaemers: Armoire adaptable to a sauna, drum dryer, and tubular lighted clothing dryer with humidity damper control of exhaust gases. Burd Bartz & Gutenkauf, August 20, 1996: US05546678 (100 worldwide citation)

A dryer has an internal drying chamber for accommodating articles that are subjected to heated circulating air to remove moisture from the articles. An air mixing chamber contains a first fan for moving air through a heater into the drying chamber. A second fan draws air out of the drying and mixing ...

Hideaki Kurokawa, Katsuya Ebara, Sankichi Takahashi, Harumi Matsuzaki, Hiroaki Yoda, Takahisa Nitta, Isao kouchi, Yukio Hishinuma: Vapor washing process and apparatus. Hitachi, Fay Sharpe Beall Fagan Minnich & McKee, April 21, 1992: US05105556 (92 worldwide citation)

Vapor is separated from mist accompanying the vapor by passing the vapor through a porous membrane. The vapor having passed through the membrane is brought into contact with an object to be washed and condenses thereon, whereby the object is washed.

John G Buchanan, Donald G MacBean: Dryer fabric. Jwi, Alan Swabey, Robert Mitchell, Guy Houle, September 22, 1981: US04290209 (91 worldwide citation)

An improved dryer fabric, woven entirely from monofilament plastic polymeric warp and weft strands, having a lower permeability to air flow and lower modulus of elasticity than normal fabrics, wherein at least the warp strands are flattened in cross-section, with the long axis of the flattened secti ...

James P Garcia, John M de Larios, Michael Ravkin, Fred C Redeker, Carl Woods: Methods and systems for processing a substrate using a dynamic liquid meniscus. Lam Research Corporation, Martine Penilla & Gencarella, January 24, 2006: US06988327 (88 worldwide citation)

A system and method of moving a meniscus from a first surface to a second surface includes forming a meniscus between a head and a first surface. The meniscus can be moved from the first surface to an adjacent second surface, the adjacent second surface being parallel to the first surface. The syste ...

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