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A refrigerator including an ice dispenser and crusher in a freezer compartment and an ice delivery passage through the refrigerator door for delivering ice exterior of the cabinet. The passage includes a normally closed closure member and a heater and is so constructed and arranged within the door a ...

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A refrigerator cabinet having a dividing partition with the top freezer compartment having an ice piece dispenser in communication with an upper passageway normally closed by a counterweighted ramp closure on the underside of the partition while the lower compartment door has an enclosure including ...

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A refrigerator including an ice cube storage receptacle on the inner surface of the freezer door, a passage through the door communicating with the interior of the receptacle and a trap door pivotally mounted on the exterior surface of the freezer door for closing the passage. The trap door carries ...

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A refrigerator having an automatic ice maker includes an ice piece storage receptacle carried by a pivotally mounted ice access door in the freezer door and tiltable to an open position for providing access to the stored ice without opening of the freezer door.

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An ice dispensing device including a storage receptacle for containing a quantity of ice cubes which can have an automatic ice maker attached to said receptacle to supply ice cubes to said receptacle. An ice cube agitator positioned adjacent the bottom of said receptacle and having an inclined blade ...

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An improved ice dispensing system of a household refrigerator has an upwardly sloping ice receptacle and rotatable dispensing means for improved control of ice delivery.

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An ice cube dispensing and weighing unit having an elongated bin including a sloping side wall and a horizontal conveyor at the bottom. From the horizontal conveyor at the bottom of the elongated bin, the ice cubes are raised to a convenient dispensing level with an inclined conveyor. Ice is dispens ...

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An ice dispenser particularly for a household refrigerator includes an ice cube storage receptacle and an integral dispensing and crushing means for dispensing batches of either ice cubes or crushed ice of two different grades.

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The automatic ice maker mold is rotated in a first rotational direction from an inverted to an upright position by a motor driven cam gear having a spiral cam thereon engaging the resiliently flexible cam follower leaf member portion of a pivoted spring biased sector gear whereby the leaf member act ...