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A free-standing warming appliance includes an outer enclosure and an inner liner which cooperate together to form a heating chamber. A warmer drawer forming a receptacle for precooked food stuffs is selectively inserted into and withdrawn out of the heating chamber. A heating element is secured to t ...

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The present disclosure concerns a container for heating textiles. The container is insulated and constructed of flexible materials so as to be collapsible. One or more heating elements inside the container provide heat for warming the textiles.

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A heater for heating liquid by friction includes a rotor rotatable within a housing filled with liquid, the rotor having passages arranged to expel liquid through friction orifices by centrifugal force from a pair of inlet cavities on opposite sides of the rotor. The outlets of the passages lie in a ...

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A hollow, upright cabinet supports therein a cooking grid and a plurality of upwardly facing gas burners which emit infrared head toward the cooking grid. A shield assembly having angled baffles is removeably mounted over the burners to shield the meat directly above the burners on the grid from the ...

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A domestic oven has upper and lower infra-red radiation sources. The upper radiation source includes at least one or two radiation elements emitting radiation in the range of 1.0-1.4 micro meters. The lower radiation source is a meandering tube element emitting long wave radiation in the range of 3- ...

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A domestic range including a touch control and display panel and digital control logic for energizing power circuits controlling the various range heater elements in response to a program entered by the user by touching certain areas of the panel. The control logic also controls the displays located ...

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A system for the heating of fluids by causing severe turbulence of the fluid within a cavity of a housing. The device utilizes a rotor closely received within a cavity, the rotor mounted upon a rotatable shaft, with the surface of the rotor provided with a plurality of uniformly-spaced recesses orie ...

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An oven for warming pre-packaged foods is disclosed having a removable bottom portion on which the foods may be stacked in baskets so that warm air may flow across and around the individual packages when the bottom is inserted in the oven. The oven has an upper plenum portion containing a heater ele ...

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A pan detection and control arrangement is provided for an induction heating cooking unit by providing a reed switch and a pair of permanent magnets disposed relative to the reed switch to hold the reed switch in a closed position in the absence of a sufficient size cooking vessel in position overly ...

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A dispensible container constructed for a single use incorporates a thin low voltage heating film with terminals accessible from outside and opening means permitting access to its contents is used as a package for a substance adapted to be heated and plastic in the sense of being sufficiently mobile ...