Keller Jakob Dr, Sattelmayer Thomas Dr, Styner Daniel: Process for combustion of liquid fuel in a burner.. Bbc Brown Boveri & Cie, June 28, 1989: EP0321809-A1 (176 worldwide citation)

In the premix combustion of liquid fuel in a burner without premixing section, there is formed in the interior (14) of the burner a conical liquid fuel column (5) which widens in the direction of flow and which is surrounded by a rotating combustion air flow (15) which flows tangentially into the bu ...

Alexander A Belokon, George L Touchton: Recuperated gas turbine engine system and method employing catalytic combustion. MES International, Alston & Bird, March 7, 2006: US07007487 (125 worldwide citation)

A recuperated gas turbine engine system and associated method employing catalytic combustion, wherein the combustor inlet temperature can be controlled to remain above the minimum required catalyst operating temperature at a wide range of operating conditions from full-load to part-load and from hot ...

Pfefferle William C: Catalytically-supported thermal combustion. Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation, December 30, 1975: US3928961 (120 worldwide citation)

A method for the catalytically-supported thermal combustion of carbonaceous fuel comprising the adiabatic combustion of at least a portion of the fuel admixed with air in the presence of a solid oxidation catalyst at an operating temperature substantially above the instantaneous auto-ignition temper ...

Colin Wilkes, Milton B Hilt: Dual stage-dual mode low nox combustor. General Electric Company, Jerome C Squillaro, October 6, 1981: US04292801 (119 worldwide citation)

An improved dual stage-dual mode combustor capable of reduced emissions of nitrogen oxide from a combustion turbine is disclosed. The combustor includes two combustion chambers separated by a throat region. Fuel is initially introduced and ignited in the first chamber. Thereafter, fuel is introduced ...

Richard Sterling Tuthill, William Theodore Bechtel II, Jeffrey Arthur Benoit, Stephen Hugh Black, Robert James Bland, Guy Wayne DeLeonardo, Stefan Martin Meyer, Joseph Charles Taura, John Luigi Battaglioli: Swozzle based burner tube premixer including inlet air conditioner for low emissions combustion. General Electric Company, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, August 27, 2002: US06438961 (117 worldwide citation)

A burner for use in a combustion system of a heavy-duty industrial gas turbine includes a fuel/air premixer having an air inlet, a fuel inlet, and an annular mixing passage. The fuel/air premixer mixes fuel and air into a uniform mixture for injection into a combustor reaction zone. The burner also ...

Narendra D Joshi, Edward E Ekstedt, Michael J Epstein: Air fuel mixer for gas turbine combustor. General Electric Company, James P Davidson, Jerome C Squillaro, October 12, 1993: US05251447 (101 worldwide citation)

An air fuel mixer is disclosed having a mixing duct, a shroud surrounding the upstream end of the mixing duct having contained therein a fuel manifold in flow communication with a fuel supply and control means, a set of inner and outer counter-rotating swirlers adjacent the upstream end of the mixin ...

Sturgess Geoffrey John, Hoffman Jacob Sherman, Vdoviak John William, Hirschkron Robert: Air blast fuel atomizer. General Electric Company, November 21, 1972: US3703259 (98 worldwide citation)

An air blast fuel atomizer for establishing a highly atomized fuel dispersion at the confluence of two counter-rotating air swirls, wherein a uniform concentration of fuel is disposed on a circumferential shroud and directed to the atomization forces at the lip of the shroud.

Narendra D Joshi, Frederick E Moreno: Staged low NOx premix gas turbine combustor. PruTech II, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, May 29, 1990: US04928481 (97 worldwide citation)

In a staged low NOx lean premix hot wall gas turbine combustor, the interior wall of the combustor is maintained at or near the flame temperature to provide stable operation over a wide range of heat release values. One or more stages of the staged combustor includes a Stirred Reactor region followe ...

Narendra D Joshi, Eric J Kress: Dual fuel mixer for gas turbine combustor. General Electric Company, Jerome C Squillaro, David L Narciso, October 4, 1994: US05351477 (92 worldwide citation)

A dual fuel mixer is disclosed having a mixing duct, a shroud surrounding the upstream end of the mixing duct having contained therein a gas fuel manifold and a liquid fuel manifold in flow communication with a gas fuel supply and a liquid fuel supply, respectively, and control means, a set of inner ...

Lohmann Robert P, Markowski Stanley J: Swirl combustor with vortex burning and mixing. United Aircraft Corporation, McCarthy Jack N, March 25, 1975: US3872664 (89 worldwide citation)

This disclosure sets forth an engine wherein the combustion section includes a combustor with a main combustion burner having a hot fluid injected thereinto from a pilot burner. A multiplicity of swirling jets of a cooler oxidizer fluid are directed into the combustor for engaging with the hot pilot ...

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