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A pulverized coal burner for a furnace adapted to be used in conjunction with a pulverizer which reduces coal to approximately 40 microns size in the presence of inert steam which conveys it under pressure to said burner tangentially to spiral the same within a fuel tube around a coaxial central tub ...

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Gas turbine engine combustion chamber has staged combustion to reduce nitrous oxides and includes a first radial flow swirler and a second radial flow swirler located axially of an annular mixing zone with each swirler having vanes for rotating the incoming air in substantially opposite directions r ...

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A biomass fuel gasification chamber, blast tube, and heat exchange chamber are interconnected horizontally and subjected to negative drawing pressure by a large variable speed chimney fan. An auger with an air lock feeds biomass fuel automatically into the gasification chamber. Fuel is moved across ...

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A method of reducing sulphur dioxide emissions from coal by adding an effective amount of Wyoming Trona to the coal for combining with sulphur in the coal to form a relatively heavy ash which is collected with other heavier ash for removal in the usual way.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To maintain performance, such as combustion and an output, of a gas instrument in an excellent state even when a plurality of fuel gases are used in parallel.SOLUTION: A proportional valve 20 set in a control range for LPG and a first solenoid valve 21 to open and close a gas f ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a gas combustion instrument to discriminate a kind of fuel gas and to be automatically switched to a specification suitable for the discriminated fuel gas.SOLUTION: In a case DME is fed, only a first solenoid valve 24 is held in an opened state by an electromotive fo ...

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A thermal conversion pyrolysis reactor system (10) is provided for use in providing a continuous flow type pyrolysis reaction for conversion of carbonizable input materials ("MW") (12). The reactor system (10) utilizes a diffusion material ("MD") (14) which is preheated and admixed with the MD (12) ...

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Processes and compositions are provided for decreasing emissions of mercury upon combustion of fuels such as coal. Various sorbent compositions are provided that contain components that reduce the level of mercury and/or sulfur emitted into the atmosphere upon burning of coal. In various embodiments ...

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The burner has a vaporisation duct (32) through which combustion air is fed. The fuel is applied in fine, compact jets to the vaporisation surface (25) which can be heated electrically and by combustion. In relation to the direction of flow of the combustion air downstream of the feed points, the va ...

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To a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen or air having the stoichiometric oxygen-to-hydrogen ratio, a diluent gas such as carbon dioxide or argon is added before the mixture is fed to the combustor when the burning rate of the mixture is excessively high. The diluent in the combustion gas can be reused a ...