Maier Herwig Dipl Ing Dr, Schrofelbauer Herbert Dipl Ing, Filipot Hermann Dipl Ing: Process and device for the desulphurisation of flue gas from combustion plants.. Waagner Biro, November 21, 1985: EP0161497-A2 (90 worldwide citation)

For binding the pollutants in flue gases downstream of combustion plants, especially for flue gas desulphurisation, it is proposed to admix NaHCO3 and/or Na2CO3 as an additive to the flue gas cooled to about 120 DEG to 320 DEG C and to precipitate the resulting salt in a fabric filter. To facilitate ...

John Smith Zink, Hershel E Goodnight: Low nox burner. John Zink Company, Head Johnson & Chafin, January 25, 1977: US04004875 (88 worldwide citation)

An improved burner for both liquid and gaseous fuels in which the combustion air is divided into at least two parts, comprising primary and secondary air. The primary air, which is insufficient to completely burn the fuel, creates a flame zone in which there is a deficiency of air, which produces qu ...

Gregory N Liljedahl, Mark Palkes: Combustion method and apparatus for producing a carbon dioxide end product. ABB Alstom Power, Russell W Warnock, March 20, 2001: US06202574 (83 worldwide citation)

A fossil fuel fired combustion apparatus and a method for operating the fossil fuel fired combustion apparatus are provided which offer the flexibility to use carbon dioxide (CO

Zoher M Meratla: Method and apparatus for removing pollutants from flue gas. Griffin Butler Whisenhunt & Kurtossy, November 21, 1995: US05467722 (77 worldwide citation)

A method for removing gaseous pollutants from a polluted flue gas stream of an oil or coal-fired combustion furnace. A source of liquified combustible gas and a combustible gas-fired furnace are provided. The polluted flue gas stream is passed through a dust removal apparatus and removes flue dust f ...


Mark J O Hara, Marion R Surgi: Immobilization of lead and cadmium in solid residues from the combustion of refuse using lime and phosphate. Wheelabrator Environmental Systems, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, Eugene I Snyder, April 12, 1988: US04737356 (69 worldwide citation)

Solid residues arising from the burning of solid wastes have lead and cadmium sufficiently insolubilized to pass the EPA toxicity test only where the pH in the EPA test is between 7.5 and 12.0. Addition of water soluble phosphate, especially phosphoric acid, increases the immobilization of lead and ...

Henri Paradowski, Joelle H Castel, Herve B Parfait: Method and apparatus for cryogenic fractionation of a gaseous feed. Compagnie Francaise d Etudes et de Construction Technip, Kenyon & Kenyon, September 1, 1987: US04690702 (67 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for cryogenic fractionation of a gaseous feed comprising a contact purifying-refrigerating column into the bottom of which is injected a partially condensed gaseous feed, the said column producing in its head portion a residual gas and in its bottom ...

Larry A Schwartz, Robert Geiter, Peter S Albertsen: Catalytic stove. Jamestown Group, Salter & Michaelson, March 16, 1982: US04319556 (67 worldwide citation)

A wood burning stove having a primary combustion chamber and a secondary chamber having a catalytic converter therein is disclosed. Primary air is introduced to said primary chamber and secondary air is introduced to said secondary chamber utilizing completely separate and independent control means, ...

Henry V Krigmont, Everett L Coe Jr, Barry J Southam: Reduction of acidic emissions from combustion of sulfur-laden fuels. Wahlco, Howard E Sandler, Gregory O Garmong, June 18, 1991: US05024171 (65 worldwide citation)

The sulfur trioxide in the combustion gas stream of a power plant is reacted with injected ammonia to produce a solid ammonium sulfate that is captured, and not released to the atmosphere. A feedforward signal indicative of the total mass flow of sulfur trioxide is determined as the product of the m ...

David Lloyd Neary: Partially-open fired heater cycle providing high thermal efficiencies and ultra-low emissions. December 12, 2006: US07147461 (64 worldwide citation)

A partially open fired heater regenerative cycle, wherein the fired industrial type heater cycle's heat transfer fluid replaces the air predominant nitrogen heat transfer fluid employed in a conventional air/fuel combustion heater, is disclosed. The heater cycle's method and apparatus are susceptibl ...

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