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An in situ system for thermally cleansing hazardous and toxic waste disposal sites is disclosed. The system includes a perimeter wall extending into the site which is sealed to a roof structure surrounding the site to encapsulate the site. A plurality of tubes are sunk into the encapsulated site in ...

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An apparatus for generation of steam in a borehole for penetration into an earth formation wherein feedback preheater means are provided for the fuel and water before entering the combustor assembly. First, combustion gases are conducted from the combustion chamber to locations in proximity to the w ...

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In the premix combustion of liquid fuel in a burner without premixing section, there is formed in the interior (14) of the burner a conical liquid fuel column (5) which widens in the direction of flow and which is surrounded by a rotating combustion air flow (15) which flows tangentially into the bu ...

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A flame producing device, particularly a candle having a body of combustible material and a wick further includes an optical fiber which extends along the wick to a sensor and carries light from the flame for detection by the sensor. The sensor activates a sound-generating arrangement embodied on a ...

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Flare for disposal of combustible gases which includes a Coanda nozzle using high pressure steam. The nozzle has a self adjusting slot and a low pressure fuel gas supply is entrained into the mouth of the nozzle.

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An air blast fuel atomizer for establishing a highly atomized fuel dispersion at the confluence of two counter-rotating air swirls, wherein a uniform concentration of fuel is disposed on a circumferential shroud and directed to the atomization forces at the lip of the shroud.

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An aerating fuel nozzle for a gas turbine engine combustion chamber. The nozzle has an annular fuel swirl chamber from which the fuel issues in a spray cone, blending with inner and outer layers of swirling air. Air from the engine compressor is mixed with the fuel to obtain a high degree of air-fue ...

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This invention is a graded catalyst comprising palladium and also a partial combustion process in which the fuel is partially combusted using that catalyst. The catalyst utilizes a catalytic support structure suitable for high flow rates of combustible gas mixtures through it. The catalyst is situat ...

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A Coanda unit has a Coanda surface and a gas supply line terminating in a slot adjacent to the Coanda surface. One side of the slot is contiguous with the Coanda surface and the other side is formed of a tongue of resilient material which flexes within defined limits in response to the pressure of t ...

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The invention relates to an apparatus for forming liquid droplets, such as a micro nebulizer, useful for preparing samples for subsequent analysis via MS, AA, ICP, CE/MS, and similar analytical systems. The apparatus has a mechanically stabilized inner microtube or needle, thereby ensuring controlla ...