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A multi-lens LED has multiple lenses and an intermediate layer interposed between the multiple lenses in order to radiate light emitted from an LED chip in a desired direction and/or at a desired beam angle. The first lens is centered behind the LED chip when seen in the propagation direction of lig ...

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A multidirectional light emitting diode unit includes a light emitting diode chip configured to emit light from at least one side of the chip when powered. An at least translucent casing extends from at least the one side of the light emitting diode chip. A distal end of the casing has at least two ...

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A light diffuser for directing light emitted from an elongated lamp toward an area desired to be illuminated, includes a curved member that is positioned between the lamp and the area desired to be illuminated. The curved member is generally parallel to a longitudinal axis of the lamp and is symmetr ...

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An electric lighting device created for use as a safe, long lasting, authentic looking alternative to a flame bearing candle. This electric ‘candle’ being made from real candle wax, or hollowed out candles with the wicks removed. The ‘candle’ can be scented or colored, and the glow is authentic and ...

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Indoor lighting fixture providing semi-indirect symmetrical light distribution. The fixture, which is adapted to be positioned adjacent the ceiling of the room comprises a high intensity gaseous discharge lamp mounted at its base on the ceiling and extending downwardly into a box-shaped reflector op ...

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An improved lighted key assembly includes ridges located adjacent to the base and a ledge above the base. An LED, supported by the ledge, has leads which are mounted against the ridges so that an intermediate portion of the leads is bent around the bottom of the ridges. When mounted to the printed c ...

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An illuminated hollow decorative ornament having support means independent of the associated light source or the support structure of the associated light source.

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A controllable buoyant system (10) includes a support structure having a sealed hollow enclosure (12) containing a first gas and surrounded by a second gas, either the first gas or the second gas being lighter than ambient air. The hollow enclosure is pre-filled with the first gas via a one-way valv ...

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An LED light bulb has a hollow LED support/heat sink (222, 602, 702, 900, 802, 1002, 1102, 1216, 1404, 1502, 1606, 1906) with fins (234, 406, 604, 706, 804, 904, 906, 1008, 1106, 1620) extending internally and openings at two ends (230, 232, 1522). Heat generated by the LEDs (238, 908, 1242, 1624, 2 ...

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An ornament includes a hollow ornament body having an inner coating layer in which a pattern is formed, to form an ornamental indicia for the ornament. The pattern in the inner coating layer may be a pattern of openings or a pattern of discolorations. The pattern in the inner coating layer may be fo ...