Michael Lin 林立
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A lamp, such as for truck trailers and/or tractors, is provided with LEDs mounted to a circuit board placed in a housing. The housing is thereafter partially filled with a liquid resin material and a lip portion of a lens member is pressed into the resin into contact with the circuit board. The resi ...

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A vehicle lighting system for a vehicle includes an accessory module assembly that is adapted for attachment to an interior portion of a vehicle and configured to illuminate, for example, an area inside the vehicle. The module assembly includes a single high-intensity power light emitting diode that ...

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A method of manufacturing an electrically driven L.E.D. lamp assembly (10) comprising the steps of screen printing an electrically insulating coating (16) which can be of less than two hundred microns thickness over an electrically and thermally conductive heat sink, i.e., aluminum, and printing cir ...

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A heat sink, made of a highly heat-conductive material is placed on the back of a circuit board upon the front of which many LEDs are arrayed as the signal light source. The heat sink, generally formed as an aggregate of a number of fins, need not necessarily be fitted in one piece with the back fac ...

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An electrically driven L.E.D. lamp assembly (14) comprising an electrically insulating circuit board (26) having opposed first and second surfaces with light emitting diodes (28) having positive and negative leads (30, 32) mounted on the first surface. A plurality of holes extend through the board ( ...

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lighting unit includes a circuit board having a number of LED packages extending outward from a front side. The printed circuit board is covered by a transparent cover, forming an outer cavity between the cover and the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board is supported by a housing, in wh ...

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A lamp, such as for truck trailers and/or tractors, is provided with LEDs mounted to a circuit board placed in a housing. The LEDs and circuit boards are fully embedded in a resin material cured with thermally conductive particles suspended therein for conducting excess heat to the outer aluminum ho ...

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The present invention relates to an LED-illuminated lamp assembly which includes a lens that is capable of directing light from the LEDs both horizontally and vertically. The taillight mode is also directed slightly upward so as to comply with applicable lighting regulations. The lamp assembly also ...