Craig Allen
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A flashlight having a non-conductive housing, an electric power source, a light source, and two nodes disposed on external surfaces of the non-conductive housing, wherein the flashlight is adapted to allow electric current to flow from the power source through the light source when both of the two n ...


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An energy saving device for an LED lamp mounted to an existing fixture for a fluorescent lamp where the ballast is removed or bypassed. The LEDs are positioned within a tube and electrical power is delivered from a power source to the LEDs. The LED lamp includes means for controlling the delivery of ...

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A flexible lighting strip for producing a chasing light effect comprising:

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In a module socket, a connecter and a connector are connected by wiring, and three LED modules are connected in parallel with respect to a constant voltage circuit unit via the wiring. Each module has a constant current circuit unit and an LED mounting unit. The constant current circuit unit include ...

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A wall mounted cover plate conceals an electrical circuit capable of sensing the field provided by a covered switch or electrical socket circuit. When power is lost at the wall circuit the electrical circuit senses the loss of power and activates one or more LEDs to provide emergency illumination. T ...

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A lighting device is constructed with LED light sources and a power control to project light along a selected direction throughout an angular range of tilt of the lighting device about a vertical. The power control includes a tilt switch or tilt sensor which is responsive to the angular displacement ...

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An improved flashlight is disclosed which includes an improved mechanism for selectively varying the light beam intensity and area of illumination, an improved switch means, an improved light bulb and light bulb holder, and an improved manner of retaining dry cell batteries within said flashlight. T ...

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Methods and apparatus in which at least one first LED generates first radiation having a first spectrum, and at least one second LED generates second radiation having a second spectrum different than the first spectrum. One or more controllers control at least one of the first radiation and the seco ...

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A light bulb (10) includes a translucent housing (12) and a base (24). The housing (12) includes a plurality of LEDs (14a, 14b, 14c, and 15) positioned so as to emit light through the housing (12). The base (24) is configured to mate with a light socket. The base (24) also includes a compartment (23 ...