Garo Khanarian
Gunilla E Gillberg LaForce, Garo Khanarian: Organic-inorganic composites with enhanced nonlinear optical response. Hoechst Celanese, Depaoli & O Brien, April 3, 1990: US04913845 (11 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment this invention provides an nonlinear optical medium which is a composite of a polymer matrix which exhibits nonlinear optic response, and a silver colloid which is dispersed in the polymer matrix.

Garo Khanarian
Garo Khanarian, Robert Norwood, James Sounik, Jacquelyn Popolo, Steve Meyer: Waveguide device and method for phase matched second harmonic generation. Hoechst Celanese, Palaiyur S Kalyanaraman, June 29, 1993: US05224196 (9 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment this invention provides a frequency doubling optical waveguide consisting of a substrate-supported polymeric thin film waveguiding layer, in combination with one or more polymeric cladding layers. The waveguiding layer comprises moieties which exhibit nonlinear optical properties a ...

Craig Allen
Jeremy Aaron Abel, Satyajit Deb, Thomas Michael McKeon, Steven Michael Schennum, Craig Allen White: Touch sensitive flashlight. Creata Retail, D Peter Hochberg, Sean Mellino, February 6, 2007: US07172313 (5 worldwide citation)

A flashlight having a non-conductive housing, an electric power source, a light source, and two nodes disposed on external surfaces of the non-conductive housing, wherein the flashlight is adapted to allow electric current to flow from the power source through the light source when both of the two n ...

Stephen T. Avery
Stephen T Avery, John A Durbin, William L Lama, Paul H Steibitz: Facetted reflector. Xerox Corporation, September 21, 1982: US04351019 (3 worldwide citation)

A facetted reflector faces a linear scanning illumination source and directs light onto an object plane. The tilt angle and length of each linear mirror segment (facet) comprising the reflector are designed to achieve maximum illumination at an object scan line consistent with the geometry of the pa ...

Michael Lin 林立
戴建国, 张宗松: 一种大功率led球泡. 曹木群, 何青瓦, 李庆波, 深圳市威世博知识产权代理事务所, February 9, 2011: CN201020159200.9 (1 worldwide citation)


Katherina Babich
Katherina E Babich, Pratik P Joshi, Kam Leung Lee, Deborah A Neumayer, Spyridon Skordas: Low-temperature absorber film and method of fabrication. International Business Machines Corporation, October 20, 2011: US20110254138-A1

An improved low-temperature absorber, amorphous carbonitride (ACN) with an extinction coefficient (k) of greater than 0.15, and an emissivity of greater than 0.8 is disclosed. The ACN film can also be characterized as having a minimum of hydrocarbon content as observed by FTIR. The ACN film can be u ...

Yingya ZHOU
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya: Short time emergency lamp. Shanghai Qibao High School, Song Hu, April 28, 2010: CN200710044940

The invention discloses a short-time emergency lamp, which belongs to the field of illumination tools. A cold cathodic low-voltage fluorescent lamp is adopted as a light source; a crystal diode performs half-wave rectification on a power supply; and a resistor which is serially connected with the co ...

Yingya ZHOU
Gao Jun, Zhou Yingya: Solar illumination apparatus. Qibao Middle School Of Shanghai, wu zequn, February 18, 2009: CN200710044990

The invention discloses a solar energy lighting device which belongs to the solar energy utilization technical field. The technical proposal is proposed to solve the problem that the solar energy automatic lighting device cannot be integrated with the solar energy electric torch to a whole. The sola ...