Michael Lin 林立
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Methods and systems are provided for lighting systems, including high output linear lighting systems for various environments. The linear lighting systems may include power systems for driving light sources in high-voltage environments.

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An improved LED lamp construction is disclosed having a plurality of LEDs electrically interconnected and mounted upon opposed rounded surfaces formed at one end of the lamp body. The opposed rounded surfaces comprise a substantially semi-spherical lamp head concavely open at the upper end of the la ...

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A multi-color semiconductor lamp comprising a plurality of light emitting diodes disposed close to one another and respectively emitting the light of different colors and a light scattering layer covering these light emitting diodes.With this device, light emitted from any one of the plurality of li ...

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An LED light bulb for use as an indicator or warning lamp comprises a support structure; a generally circular and planar disc attached to the support structure, wherein the disc is a printed circuit board and is perpendicularly oriented with respect to the structure. A plurality of interconnected LE ...

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A Light Emitting Diode Lamp Module for specific use in all vehicle tail, brake or turn signal lamp fixtures for integrated single and dual element operation. The module has integrated dual element control circuitry, voltage and current control circuitry, brightness enhancement circuitry, and LED cir ...

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A lighting device for attachment to a motor vehicle inside a housing 4. One or more light emitting diodes 9 which emit substantially white light are employed as lighting emitters. On account of the small amount of waste heat of the light-emitting diodes 9 the lighting device can be particularly easi ...

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Light fixtures for illumination of liquids in a variety of environments. In one example, multi-color LED-based light fixtures are employed to achieve a wide range of enhanced lighting effects in liquids. In another example, a pool or spa is illuminated by one or more multi-color light fixtures that ...

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