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A flashlight includes a flexible core comprising a pair of conductive wires which electrically connect a source of power to a power using implement. A flexible spine surrounds the pair of conductive wires and includes a plurality of interconnected universally rotatable members. A resilient sleeve en ...

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A decorative hair ornament is provided utilizing optic fibers attached to the means of fastening the ornament to the hair. A plurality of optic fibers are extended outwardly controlled by a light source including a battery and diode. Decorations such as gemstones, artificial flowers, and the like ar ...

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A light assembly is made up of a circuit board and a plurality of individual light units which can be installed on and removed from the circuit board to form a desired design or pattern. Each individual light unit includes an electro-luminescent light panel and a resilient contact arrangement which ...

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The invention relates to a frontal illumination device which can be fixed to the head of the user and makes it possible to observe narrow and deep cavities by providing a beam of substantially parallel light rays and an intense and homogeneous light spot, a light source 4 placed opposite the reflect ...

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A flashlight includes a flashlight body which is formed in two portions second of which is pivotally mounted on the first portion. A forward end of the flashlight body is generally rectangular in cross-section with a rearward end being approximately one half of the cross-section of the forward end w ...

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A switch construction for use on an illuminated article worn by a user which closes a circuit providing current to an illumination source only upon the occurrence of acceleration reacting to motions of the user while at the same time limiting the amount of time the illumination source is operative, ...

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A work light for work or task areas which uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. LED clusters are mounted on a circuit board which is located in a housing. The LED work lights may be powered by conventional 120 or 240-volt electrical outlets, a DC generator, a battery, a battery p ...

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The invention relates to an electrically controlled optical display apparatus for embellishing or decorating a design on a garment. A removable display apparatus has lamps (4) and electrical connectors (8) disposed in a composite removable patch (3, 9, 10) on inside the garment (1). The lamps (4) pr ...

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A portable reading light device utilizing an LED as the source of light mounted in a housing having a plurality of focusing mirrors mounted therein.

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A light emitting diode having a helical spring around one of its leads. The spring extends so that it has a free end which is cantilevered. As the free end of the spring moves it completes an electrical circuit intermittently lighting the light emitting diode.