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An electronic circuit comprised of several integrated circuits sequentially actuates a plurality of light-emitting diodes (LED's) located in an article such as eyeglass frames, which are carried or worn by a person. In one embodiment, an oscillator driven binary up-down counter drives first and seco ...

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A flashlight includes a tailcap switch and a flexible boot made of an elastomeric material covering the tailcap switch and providing a water-resistant and contaminant-resistant shield around the switch. The flexible boot preferably includes a substantially cylindrical bellows section and a flat exte ...

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A flexible core for a hand-held device such as a flashlight includes a pair of conductive wires which electrically connect a source of power to a power using implement. A flexible spine surrounds the pair of conductive wires and includes a plurality of interconnected universally rotatable members. A ...

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A miniature flashlight comprising a barrel, tail cap, head assembly, and bulb holder providing interruptible contact to batteries within the barrel. The bulb holder comprises an insulated receptacle external to the barrel end engaging the head assembly, a second insulated receptacle within the barre ...

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A semi-annular band formed of shape-retentive material is arranged for positioning about an individual's neck, having its first end secured to a photo-cell and its second end mounting a flashlight member thereon, whereupon the photo-cell permits actuation of the flashlight member upon entering areas ...

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An improved flashlight is disclosed which includes an improved mechanism for selectively varying the light beam intensity and area of illumination, an improved switch means, an improved light bulb and light bulb holder, and an improved manner of retaining dry cell batteries within said flashlight. T ...

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A light flasher for an article of apparel includes one or more lamps that produce light visible from the exterior of the apparel. A switch, which may be of the mechanical or electronic variety, causes a switch closure responsive to motion of the apparel. A circuit, attached to the switch and the lig ...

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A portable, self-contained lighting device with improvements in bulb positioning, switching, and electrical contact wherein

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Improved method and apparatus for hand-held portable illumination. A flashlight and corresponding method are described. The flashlight includes a housing, a plurality of LEDs, and an electrical circuit that selectively applies power from the DC voltage source to the LED units, wherein the flashlight ...