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The flashlight of the invention includes an improved mechanism for selectively varying the light beam intensity and area. The mechanism includes a cam member, and abutting head and outer switch housing shoulders, which enable movement of the bulb forwardly and rearwardly relative to the light reflec ...


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Methods and apparatus for generating an information signal. Exemplary methods and apparatus may comprise (A) electrically associating at least one LED with a Seebeck power generator; (B) thermally associating the Seebeck power generator with a surface; and (C) heating the surface to cause the Seebec ...

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A miniature flashlight comprising a barrel, a tail cap, a head assembly, and a miniature bulb holder and providing interruptible contact to batteries within the barrel. The bulb holder comprises an insulated receptacle disposed external to the barrel end which the head assembly engages, a second ins ...

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A miniature strobe-type flashing safety light source, to be worn by a person or pet after dark. A plurality of high-intensity LED's producing a total of at least 6 candelas when energized are surrounded by a striated refracting lens, the axes of the intense light cones being oriented between 20 and ...

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A waterproof flashlight wherein the flashlight is activated by means of a switch located in the flashlight's end cap. Another aspect of the invention being the orientation of the positive terminals of the flashlight's batteries away from the head assembly.

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A renewable energy flashlight comprises a housing and a barrel located within the housing. The barrel has a wire coil wrapped around it, between the barrel and the housing. A magnet disposed within the barrel oscillates within the barrel when the barrel is shaken, generating an alternating current i ...

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An electronic votive light suitable for outdoor applications. The electronic votive light may be formed from a standard votive light assembly and an illumination cell with the same form factor as a candle used in a standard votive light in order to enable the illumination cell to be disposed within ...

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Improved method and apparatus for hand-held portable illumination. A flashlight and corresponding method are described. The flashlight includes a housing, a plurality of LEDs, and an electrical circuit that selectively applies power from the DC voltage source to the LED units, wherein the flashlight ...

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A hand-carried traffic control light having signaling and flashing functions is disclosed. The above light has a cylindrical handle receiving batteries and a switch cap with a multistage switch. A longitudinal LED carrier that is formed of a PCB and has a plurality of openings is electrically couple ...