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Delivery devices for delivering solid precursor compounds in the vapor phase to reactors are provided. Such devices include a precursor composition of a solid precursor compound with a layer of packing material disposed thereon. Also provided are methods for transporting a carrier gas saturated with ...

William H. Gates III
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A method is generally described which includes environmental alteration. The method includes determining a placement of at least one vessel capable of moving water to lower depths in the water via wave induced downwelling. The method also includes placing the at least one vessel in the determined pl ...

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A system and method for accomplishing a plurality of combinatorial processes in parallel comprising a microelectronic and fluidic array (device array) having micron-sized reservoirs, connecting microchannels and reaction cells etched into a substrate. The device array is supported by a station which ...

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A process for the preparation of low-viscosity improved stable crude oil transport emulsions. The process comprises producing a hydrocarbon crude, and mixing the produced hydrocarbon crude with an emulsifying composition(s) which contains water and is capable of assisting the formation of an oil-in- ...

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A system for controlling the flow of fluid through a line 3. The system may include first and second valves (A, B; and 6, 7) in the line 3 between is located a chamber (52, 82), part of which may be filled with fluid having a variable volume (52), and another part is filled with a measurement gas (V ...

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A device for moving a fluid in a fluidics system. The device may include one or more controllably openable closed chambers. The pressure within the closed chamber(s) is lower than the ambient pressure outside the fluidics system or lower than the pressure within another channel of the fluidic system ...

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The present invention is directed to methods of controlling the flow of fluids through a microfluidic circuit and, more particularly, to methods of controlling the movement of fluid through a microfluidic circuit using one or more triggerable passive valves. In one embodiment of a method of controll ...

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Spacer fluids providing an effective buffer between drilling fluids and cement slurries during well completion. The spacer fluids comprise a sulfonated styrene copolymer dispersant and one or more additional components such as surfactants, viscosifiers and weighting materials to form a rheologically ...

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A pressure for a chamber is regulated by controlling either the exhaust pressure at the exhaust side of a first vacuum pump or the internal pressure at a compression stage of the first vacuum pump, where the first vacuum pump is directly communicating with the chamber. The pressure of the chamber ca ...