Eric Yu
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Longzhi Jiang
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A coil support arrangement for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging System and method of support are provided. One coil support arrangement includes a main former body having a plurality of channels between end flanges and a splint coupled to the main former body between the end flanges. The coil support ar ...

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A windshield mounted, vehicular accessory mounting assembly is adapted to be small and compact and to reduce occupant injuries upon impact. The assembly includes a base and a coupling member releasably mounted on the base. The coupling member includes a support for mounting a vehicle accessory such ...

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An instrument-supporting, articulated device has a distal end capable of supporting an instrument in the region of a surgical operating site. The device has at least one joint that supports a movable distal support element relative to a proximal support, the joint being associated with a mode select ...

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A breakaway mounting assembly supports a rearview mirror or other accessory on an improved windshield mounted button. The mounting assembly includes a base having a mount for the accessory or mirror, and a plurality of resilient flanges which engage, hold, and center the assembly on the button but f ...

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A television camera is mounted on a support in a motor vehicle. The support is designed to permit the camera to have vertical movement, horizontal movement, rotary movement, tilting movement, and lateral movement across the width of the vehicle. A viewing system is mounted in the cab of the vehicle ...

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A breakaway accessory mounting assembly for vehicles for supporting rearview mirrors and other accessories includes a base mounted on a vehicle panel surface such as a window, and a coupler engaging the base and having a support mounting the rearview mirror or other accessory. Retaining means such a ...

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A mirror assembly for use in vehicles having a support bracket which provides an adjustment mechanism to position the mirror under a substantially constant clamping pressure over a wide range of ambient temperature conditions. The support bracket includes a generally spherical socket which receives ...

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A mounting assembly for a vehicle interior rear view mirror has a base part for attaching directly to the inside surface of a vehicle windscreen, a mirror case support bracket having at one end a spherical ball for mounting a mirror case and at the other end a spring clip arrangement for sliding eng ...

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A rolling cart for a computer and flat panel display includes a base with plural castered dual wheels, a mounting pole projecting upward from the base, at least one pole mounting bracket, a pivot support bracket supported by the pole mounting bracket and securing a support arm which is suitable for ...