Frank P Dola: Liquid tight connector. AMP Incorporated, Anthony S Volpe, September 30, 1980: US04225162 (188 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is directed to a pre-assembled liquid tight connector for use with flexible metallic conduit. The connector is comprised of a one piece body member having a grounding member formed integrally therewith. Additionally, the body member is so constructed as to retain a resilient polyureth ...

John C Rossborough: Method, apparatus and product for improved pipe-to-manhole sealing. Merchants National Bank of Manchester, Pearson & Pearson, May 25, 1976: US03958313 (65 worldwide citation)

An underground joint between sewer pipe and reinforced concrete manhole riser is tightly sealed, and resistant to breakage caused by settling or frost heaving by a tapered, elastomeric, tubular connector boot, capable of flexing and yielding under lateral shift. A smooth faced hole is core drilled i ...

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A coupling system for maintaining an end of a tube in substantially sealed alignment within an aperture in a wall, in which the tube is held by a clamp member affixable to the wall adjacent the aperture. A tube end is provided which is formed by a first tube tip member and a second tube tip member w ...

Daniel Belisaire: Device for fixing an element passing through a wall. Legris, Roland Plottel, January 1, 1991: US04981310 (46 worldwide citation)

The device disclosed by the invention is associated with an element to be mounted in a wall, by insertion in a hole bored in the wall.

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A liquid tight connector accepts a non-metallic conduit grasped by fingers on a clip grasping above an annular ring on a ferrule. A compression nut engages the fingers. The configuration enables labor saving insertion and effective liquid tight integrity in an inexpensive device.

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A cable stacking member and positioning device comprising a support member having a plurality of elongated slots stacked on a base plate for retaining electrical cables or wires. The member is formed of a plastic material and has a provision for securing and positioning the cable stacking member to ...

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There is disclosed an improved one piece electrical connector the type intended to interconnect conduit to a junction box which includes at least one circular knockout plug which upon removal, presents a circular knockout portion, formed by a tubular connector body having an outer engagement surface ...

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A reducer seal assembly for providing a fluid-tight through-wall fitting. The seal includes a substantially rigid tubular supporting member having a flange extending radially about one edge. The flange and the interior of the supporting member are covered with resilient material. The supporting memb ...

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A clip (2) for retaining coaxial type cable (4) against a mounting surface (6) means of a nail (8) similar fastener may be produced by an extrusion process. The clip has an upper surface (18) having a first nail slot (26), and has a lower surface (20) with a second nail slot (36) and a cable retaini ...

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A seamless one-piece metal sleeve coupling is adapted at one end to couple with an end of an electric conduit and is flared at the other end to a size larger than the entry opening in an electric junction box. The flared portion of the sleeve has a reduced end portion which is small enough to enter ...