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An apparatus for diastolic blood retroperfusion of the coronary sinus in synchronism with the heartbeat rate for the treatment of infarctions. A connecting tube between an artery and the coronary sinus is fitted with a balloon-type catheter. A pulsatile unit mounted on the tube is controlled by an e ...

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An artificial venous valve with unidirectional flow, for insertion into the human venous system, biocompatible with the receiver, comprises a hollow elongated support and a plate carried by and within the hollow elongated support and movable relative to the support between a position to permit flow ...

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A preferred embodiment of FIGS. 1-3 includes a check valve (10) with a pair of semicircular check valve members (34, 36) normally permitting fluid flow in one direction and blocking fluid flow in an opposite direction. Semicircular valve member (36) is releasably locked in an open position to permit ...

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A leaf valve folds upon itself to provide positive sealing of a pressurized chamber under a variety of pressure conditions. In particular, the valve stem folds to effectively close the lumen and provide a positive seal even at low differential pressure. A method of making the valve is descirbed.