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A solenoid drive apparatus for driving a lead screw of an External Infusion Pump (1) having a housing (302), solenoid winding (356) within the housing (302), a solenoid armature (358) which is driven by the field of the solenoid winding (356), push rod (362) which is driven by the armature (358), pa ...

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A multi-speed automatic transmission improves transmission efficiency by reducing drag loss due to high speed rotation of a freely rotating element of a planetary gear set. An automatic transmission for a vehicle includes: an input path T

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The manipulator is for medical manipulations or investigations in body cavities. It has an operator part 20, a working arm 10 connected to the operator part at one end and an effector part 30 attached to the other end of the working arm. The working arm 10 comprises an external shaft tube 1, a first ...

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