Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Chinniah Thiagarajan, Frans Adriaansen, Bhawesh Kumar: Apparatus for connecting panels. Sabic Innovative Plastics IP, Cantor Colburn, June 5, 2012: US08191329 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are connectors for panels. In one embodiment a panel connector comprises, a connector comprising a rib-hinging geometry, wherein the rib-hinging geometry comprises living hinges, and wherein the rib-hinging geometry is capable of expanding in area. In another embodiment, a panel ass ...

Carl McVey
Mcvey Carl, Owen John Robert: Improvements in or relating to a locking arrangement. Rwo, April 29, 1987: GB2181779-A

A locking arrangement is disclosed for locking a shackle 4 in a predetermined position relative to an item such as a pulley block 1 to which the shackle is to be connected, said arrangement comprising an element 3 protruding from said item defining a bore to receive a locking pin 5 of the shackle, a ...

Wier Franz: Method of manufacturing a cable portion with a fastening member for a vehicle occupant restraint system and cable portion manufactured by using the method. Trw Repa, November 25, 1998: EP0879742-A1 (411 worldwide citation)

This new method connects a cable section (10) to a fastening termination (12) for a vehicle passenger restraint system. The cable section of desired characteristics, is given a plastic casing (14). This is then heated and the fastener is pressed onto the heated part. Preferably the plastic casing is ...


Carl W Thompson, Carl R Foster: Quick-release mechanical knot apparatus. Gary D E Pierce, Berne S Broadbent, November 26, 1996: US05577299 (163 worldwide citation)

A quick-release mechanical knot device for use in securing objects together having a novel means for quickly and safely releasing the mechanical knot device from the body of a rope or tether regardless of the amount of tension or load strain acting on the rope. The device comprises a semi-rigid elon ...

Ralph G Burnett: Double hollow braided rope assembly and method. The Burnett Company, Seymour Rothstein, July 19, 1977: US04036101 (128 worldwide citation)

A double braided hollow rope assembly and method for making same wherein the rope consists of an inner hollow braided rope core and an outer braided rope jacket. The braid on the side of the outer jacket is opened and through that opening, a loop of the inner rope is pulled. A retaining ring with ba ...

Thomas A Boswell: Surgical tubing clamp. Alexander Norcross, July 13, 1993: US05226892 (116 worldwide citation)

A clamp for Laprosocopy tubing in surgical procedures. A folded, plastic frame, has a contact adhesive base for non-penetrating affixation to a sterile drape. The foam forms a top and a bottom plate, which are hinged in facing opposition; each contains opposing foam pads for holding, without crimpin ...

Hitomi Ito, Toshitsugu Furuya: Strap connector. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Toren McGeady & Associates, January 19, 1988: US04719671 (111 worldwide citation)

A strap connector comprises a connector body and a core. The connector body is formed in a hollow, approximately square pole like shape with openings formed in two opposed sides thereof. The core is provided with a groove part which is of a width approximately equal to the sum of diameters of two pi ...

Patrick Leick: Lace locking device. Salomon, Sandler Greenblum & Bernstein, December 26, 1995: US05477593 (108 worldwide citation)

The locking device is of the type acting for at least one lace, especially including a pusher defining the axis of rotation of a blocking member, also including a hollow body of which a cavity defines, on the one hand, at least a path for passage of each strand of the lace, and on the other hand, a ...

Bennett John L, Bonfiglio Charles P: Plastic string fastener having detachable parts. General Motors Corporation, May 30, 1972: US3665560 (102 worldwide citation)

In a preferred form, a string fastener made of a plastic molded material has two detachable and mutually interlocking parts for securing the end strands of a string. A base forming one of the parts includes a center opening. The other part forms a key having a stem connected in axial alignment with ...