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A pressure exchanger and a method for pressurising a first fluid by the pressure of a second fluid wherein each fluid influences surface areas of a sliding member individually. Due to differences in sizes of the surface areas, the first fluid can be pressurised to a pressure which is different from ...

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A corner mount fastener adapted to mount an apertured panel at its corner to a hard concrete vertical wall is L-shaped in plan configuration, is formed of molded plastic, each leg of which having a base defined by a front vertical wall and a rear stepped vertical wall when mounted to said concrete w ...


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Als Hochdruckverdichterteil der Gasturbinenanlage mit einem Hochdruck-, einem Mitteldruck- und einem Niederdruckteil (21 bzw. 22, 23) der Gasturbine (20) dient eine Druckwellenmaschine, bei der das Hochdruckgas durch Selbstzündung von flüssigem oder gasförmigem Brennstoff erzeugt wird, der aus Brenn ...

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A system including a frac system with a hydraulic energy transfer system configured to exchange pressures between a first fluid and a second fluid, and a flush system configured remove particulate out of the hydraulic energy transfer system.

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Der vorzugsweise als Hochdruckverdichter für Gasturbinenanlagen verwendbare Drucktauscher weist eine Mehrzahl koaxialer, gleichsinnig antreibbarer Zellenrotoren (21-24) auf mit einer innerhalb des innersten Zellenrotors (24) untergebrachten zentralen Drucktauscherbrennkammer (11). Die in der Brennka ...

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A system includes an amine gas processing controller that includes one or more tangible, non-transitory, machine-readable media collectively storing one or more sets of instructions and one or more processing devices configured to execute the one or more sets of instructions to operate a contactor t ...

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A pressure exchanger transferring pressure energy from a liquid in a first liquid system to a liquid in a second liquid system, having a housing with inlet and outlet connection openings for each liquid and a rotor arranged in the housing for rotation about a longitudinal axis. Through rotor channel ...

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A supercharged engine including a supercharger comprising a rotor having an axis of rotation and formed with a plurality of mutually separated, axially extending gas passages, and a casing supporting the rotor for rotation about the axis of rotation, the casing being formed with an exhaust gas inlet ...

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967,525. Pressure exchangers. POWER JETS (RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT) Ltd. Aug. 13, 1963 [Sept. 19, 1962], No. 35664/62. Heading F1N. Prevention of condensation or freezing of vapour, e.g., water vapour carried by cold low pressure gas, e.g., air issuing from a port 20 Fig. 2 of a pressure exchanger ser ...