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A fan assembly for attachment to the front of a main gas turbine engine assembly to provide an engine of the ducted-fan by-pass type is constructed as a unitary assembly which can be fitted and removed as such. The assembly comprises a non-rotative portion including a main body and a by-pass duct, a ...

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A filament composite compressor blade is provided with a fine wire mesh subsurface layer around its leading edge. This subsurface layer is clad with nickel. Internal mesh layers are also incorporated in the blade adjacent its leading edge. The wire mesh provides protection against impact damage by l ...

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A helical turbine assembly capable of providing high speed unidirectional rotation under a multidirectional ultra low-head fluid flow is disclosed. The assembly comprises an array of helical turbine units or modules arranged, vertically or horizontally, to harness, for example, water or wind power. ...

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A variable speed thermostatically controlled cooling fan for an internal combustion motor, especially for an automobile. Within the fan hub is incorporated a viscous slipping clutch including an inner rotary member contained within an outer fluid casing. Fluid can be withdrawn from the casing to a c ...

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A compressor airfoil (12) includes pressure and suction sides (18,20) extending from root (22) to tip (24) and between leading and trailing edges (26,28). Transverse sections have respective chords and camber lines. Centers of gravity (34) of the sections are aligned along a double bowed stacking ax ...

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A composite turbomachine blade comprises a preform of yarns or fibers woven in three dimensions and a binder between the yarns of the perform. The preform comprises first and second portions that are united by a transition zone, thus obtaining a reduction at least in the thickness of the blade betwe ...

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An axial flow fan assembly having two or more fans in series to provide successive fan stages in which less than the total number of fans are of the variable pitch type.

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An improved fan including means to form a seal at the fan tips and means to form a labyrinthian seal in the shroud gap. The combination of seals increases the effective airflow of the fan, reduces the operational noise, and reduces the horsepower required to drive the fan.

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A swept blade design for the low pressure compressor rotor or fan of a ducted fan gas turbine engine has a leading edge which is inclined relative to an axial direction of airflow through the rotor stage. The sweep angle varying with blade, span height from the rotor axis has a negative or forward s ...

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An upwardly opening generally cylindrical decorative cover including a bottom wall having a central opening formed therein is provided and the cover is upwardly displaceable over the lower portion of a dependingly supported ceiling fan motor controlling switch housing with the central opening in the ...