Charles Sperry
Charles Richard Sperry: Bladder actuated pumping system. Sealed Air Corporation, Lerner David Littenberg & Samuel, September 5, 1978: US04111613 (19 worldwide citation)

A pumping system using an air actuated bladder type member to propel liquids out and to refill the pump. Invention covers such novel pumps and an overall dispensing system. Useful in pumping and dispensing liquids generally and is especially useful in dispensing polyurethane chemicals.

Jal S Jassawalla: Medical infusion system. Andros Incorporated, Fitch Even & Tabin, April 22, 1980: US04199307 (143 worldwide citation)

A medical infusion system is described employing a pump for conducting fluid or semi-solids from an upstream portion to a downstream portion of the system. The pump includes conduit means defining, in part, a removable cassette having a window therein and a diaphragm spanning the window. The cassett ...

Robert E Bernstein: Pumping apparatus comprising two collapsible chambers. Lawrence S Cohen, June 19, 1979: US04158530 (88 worldwide citation)

A pump having two collapsible pumping chambers connected in series is coupled to a pump drive mechanism which opens and closes each chamber in a sequence that produces pumping action.

George R Hankinson: Extracorporeal blood circulation system and pump. Cobe Laboratories, Reising Ethington Barnard Perry & Brooks, June 15, 1976: US03963023 (68 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the invention there is provided an extracorporeal blood circulation system for circulating a patient's blood from and then back to the patient through tubing at least a portion of which is flexible, and a roller-type blood pump for coaction with the flexible tubing to cause moveme ...

Jason A Demers, Michael J Wilt, Kevin L Grant, James D Dale, Brian Tracey: Pumping cassette. DEKA Products Partnership, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, September 25, 2012: US08273049 (65 worldwide citation)

A pump cassette is disclosed. The pump cassette includes a housing having at least, one fluid inlet line and at least one fluid outlet line. The cassette also includes at least one reciprocating pressure displacement membrane pump within the housing. The pressure pump pumps a fluid from the fluid in ...

Mark Wallach: Movable stator walls permitting access to tubing in peristaltic pump. Hydro Pulse Corporation, Howard C Miskin, February 6, 1979: US04138205 (64 worldwide citation)

A tubing replaceable, peristaltic pump includes a base plate and a rotor mounted on the base plate and having peripherally spaced thrust rollers. Pivotally mounted on the base plate on opposite sides of the rotor are a pair of stator members which are swingable about proximate laterally spaced ends ...

Lyell J Thomas Jr, Samuel P Bessman: Micro pump powered by piezoelectric disk benders. Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, June 15, 1976: US03963380 (63 worldwide citation)

The pump has a piezoelectric variable volume chamber and a solenoid controlled valve operated in sequence to pump small volumes of liquid. The sequence is produced by developing a phase difference between the control of the piezoelectrical chamber and the solenoid valve.

Anton Hubert Clemens: Peristaltic pump with tube pinching members capable of biasing the tubing away from the pump rollers. Miles Laboratories, Louis E Davidson, May 24, 1977: US04025241 (62 worldwide citation)

An improved peristaltic pump is described wherein the basic configurations of movable pump rollers, a base member and pump tubing compressed by the pump rollers against the spring loaded movable base member is improved by the addition of at least one actuating member capable of movement toward and a ...

Melvin E Casson, Albert E Moore, George J Berry Sr: Roller pump rotor with integral spring arms. Extracorporeal Medical Specialties, January 22, 1980: US04184815 (61 worldwide citation)

A fluid pump includes an upstanding wall on its base with a generally circular rotor spaced from and generally parallel to the wall to define a tube containing path therebetween with the rotor having at least one slot which defines the inner edge of an integral spring arm upon which a roller is moun ...

Rene G Lamadrid, Herbert M Cullis: Improved pressure plate movement system for a peristaltic pump. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Robert A Benziger, Steven W Weinrieb, Paul C Flattery, March 17, 1981: US04256442 (44 worldwide citation)

An improved peristaltic pump includes a pivotably mounted pressure plate which, together with the pump roller elements, defines the pump chamber. The pivotal mounting of the pressure plate facilitates accessibility to the pump chamber in order to simplify the pump tube loading and unloading procedur ...