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A gas, ionizable to produce a plasma, is introduced into a region defined within an ion source. An anode is disposed near one end of that region, and a cathode is located near the other. A potential is impressed between the anode and the cathode to produce electrons which flow generally in a directi ...

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The present invention provides a plasma arc torch that can be used for lean combustion. The plasma arc torch includes a cylindrical vessel, an electrode housing connected to the first end of the cylindrical vessel such that a first electrode is (a) aligned with a longitudinal axis of the cylindrical ...

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This invention relates to a thruster apparatus applicable to the environment of a space vehicle or satellite and operable for positioning such vehicle or satellite in the proper orbital location. The device utilizes a unique configuration of passageways to convey the propellant to a location adjacen ...

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Improving the performance of a magneto-plasma-dynamic arc thruster in the 600 to 2,100 seconds specific impulse range by locating its cathode in the exhaust beam downstream of the anode and main propellant injection point.

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Ion erosion of grids is reduced in an ion thruster with a multiple-grid ion-optics system. The thruster has an array of aperture sets in which aperture areas change in a perimeter region of the array. In one ion-optics system embodiment, a screen aperture area is reduced and a decelerator aperture a ...

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The system (31 to 33, 34 to 38) for generating a magnetic field in the main channel of the plasma accelerator are adapted to produce, in the main channel (24) an essentially radial magnetic field at the downstream end (225) of the channel (24), its induction being maximum at this point. The magnetic ...

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A variable geometry convergent-divergent nozzle for a gas turbine engine includes a centerbody extending rearward along a longitudinal axis of the engine which has a throat section of increased diameter. An inner shroud surrounds the centerbody and cooperates with the centerbody to define the throat ...

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