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A vertical axis wind turbine is supported by a frame held in place by an encircling series of crescent-shaped tubular deflector vanes. The vanes widen towards the turbine core, concentrating the wind. The wind is trapped momentarily on entering the turbine cavities. Air can be supplied to such cavit ...

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A four-way power plant operable to generate electrical energy both from the up and down two-directional movement of the ocean surface and also from the two-directional flow of the ocean towards and away from a shore includes fixed structure mounted on the ocean floor and a floating platform slidably ...

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A production system of electricity from sea wave energy comprises: a submarine structure that supports columns emerging from the sea. Floats provided with slides or sliding wheels are attached to the columns and moved vertically by the waves. A force is produced and transmitted to pneumatic pistons ...

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An apparatus for harnessing the vertical movement of ocean tides and utilize the force for generating electrical energy, the apparatus being based upon the principal of a large float which exerts force upwardly at a time of a risen tide and a downward force due to gravity at a time of a fallen tide, ...

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Marine turbine and variety of aspects relative thereto. Renewal energy systems have recently been understood to be a necessary energy source, and tidal power is a particularly useful source as it is generally not visible and has a limited ecological impact. The present invention relates to a system ...

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A moored floating or shore-based platform 11 is provided with a plurality of different renewable energy converter systems. The systems may include wave energy converters 12, wind generators 14 and 15, solar collectors (20, Fig 4), sea current turbines 16 and ocean thermal energy converters. The powe ...

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A tide-operated power plant consisting of an electric generator mounted on a float, a driving train for said generator, including a reverse and operated by a member stationary with respect to the water bottom, whereby up-and-down movement of the float will drive the generator.

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A submersible winching device (4) is mounted on a positively buoyant power generating apparatus (1) for the purposes of deploying said power generating apparatus onto a submerged support structure (7). A diver or remotely operated vehicle is initially employed to attach the winching tether to the su ...

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An underwater turbine and generator unit 2 comprises first and second housing parts 4, 6 which define a flow channel 44, and connecting means 8 for connecting the first and second housing parts together. The connecting means 8 comprise a plurality of bars 22. The generator 2 has a base 28 having thr ...

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A hydroelectric turbine for the production of electricity from tidal flow forces (99), the turbine having a rotor with an open center such that the blades (34) are mounted between an inner rim (32) and outer rim (33), wherein retaining members (22,23) and anti-friction members (71,72) are provided t ...