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According to one embodiment of the present invention, an electrochromic rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes an electrochromic mirror having a variable reflectivity, a glare sensor for sensing levels of light directed towards the front element from the rear of the vehicle, an ambient sens ...

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An engine oil pan is mounted in noise reducing vibration isolation from the associated engine by a mounting arrangement including a unitary resilient seal having lips that extend under the oil pan flange to retain the seal in assembly with the pan both during and after assembly of the pan to the eng ...

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A fuel line installation for a fuel injection nozzle holder comprises two intercommunicating bores formed in the cylinder head, the first of which receives the nozzle holder. A fuel delivery tube, received within the second bore, communicates with the nozzle holder through a conical fitting at the e ...

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A catalyst deterioration-determining system determines deterioration of a catalyst arranged in the exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine. An ECU is responsive to an output from an O.sub.2 sensor arranged upstream of the catalyst or outputs from O.sub.2 sensors arranged upstream and downst ...

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The present invention provides a hot spark that is more-or-less uniform over the combustion chamber volume in a liquid oxidant/liquid fuel combustion engine. In addition, heat losses are reduced and low wear/low friction surfaces are provided. Flame sprayed ceramic coatings are utilized to provide a ...

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A gasket for sealing an intake manifold of an internal combustion engine, includes a plastic body defining substantially co-planar surfaces that define top and bottom surfaces of the gasket. Each of a plurality of air intake apertures includes an interiorly molded circumferential elastomeric edge be ...