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A shroud for the cooling fan of a motor vehicle engine provides a circumferential axial flow of air between the fan blade tips and the shroud to improve fan efficiency and engine cooling. The shroud may include a circumferentially extending Coanda surface and adjacent circular throat which directs a ...

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The invention provides a pneumatic control system for a pneumatically operated clutch in the drive to a cooling fan of a vehicle engine. There are two thermostat valves arranged in series in the pneumatic control line. One valve is positioned in the supercharged air passage and the other valve is in ...

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A cooling system for a vehicle having an internal-combustion engine has a plurality of cooling circuits with heat exchangers for each circuit. The temperatures of different cooling media are measured and processed in a switching device to form an output signal which serves to control a fan. In this ...

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A contoured shroud exit having means capable of producing low pressure vortices when a fan generated air stream is expelled therefrom.

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A housing assembly for retaining components of an electronic engine control system is disclosed. Components include electrical and sensor elements mounted on printed circuit boards including heat producing elements on a first board and logic, memory and processor elements together with sensors on a ...

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1. A motor-driven fan, particularly for a motor vehicle, consisting of an impeller (3) fixed to the shaft of an electric motor (2), the motor being fixed to radial supporting arms (5), the outer ends (10) of which are fixed by attachment means (11) to a frame (4) surrounding the electric motor and t ...

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An internal combustion engine, having a heat exchange cooling system, a fan for moving air therethrough and a shroud and shroud exit section for controlling the air path. The shroud exit encloses the fan and includes throat (CF) radial expander (R) and radial flat (RF) sections whereby air is drawn ...

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HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEM EMPLOYING ACOANDA EFFECT PRODUCING FAN SHROUD EXIT ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREA contoured shroud exit having means capable ofproducing low pressure vortices when a fan generated airstream is expelled therefrom.

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A cooling apparatus for use in a vehicle is provided in which the cooling water of the water-cooled internal combustion engine is guided into a first portion of the radiator and the cooling water of another water-cooled apparatus such as a water-cooled innercooler of a super charger is guided into a ...

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A reduction of hot spots in the combustion chambers and the simultaneous elevation of bore temperature in an internal combustion engine are achieved by a boiling liquid cooling process in which a high molecular weight, high saturation temperature organic coolant is supplied to the coolant jacket of ...