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1501310 Underground gasification of coal INSTITUT NATIONAL DES INDUSTRIES EXTRACTIVES 21 July 1976 [31 July 1975] 30342/76 Heading C5E Coal or lignite in an underground deposit in the form of a plurality of layers situated at a depth of more than 500 metres is gasified by circulation of a gaseous cu ...

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A hybrid-propulsion car system having one axle driven by an internal combustion engine and another axis driven by an electric motor. The waste heat of the internal combustion engine is absorbed by the engine cooling fluid, and is then heat exchanged with an evaporative fluid in a closed circuit. The ...

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A low or no pollution engine is provided for delivering power for vehicles or other power applications. The engine has an air inlet which collects air from a surrounding environment. At least a portion of the nitrogen in the air is removed using a technique such as liquefaction, pressure swing adsor ...

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A combined cycle power system is provided which can convert an open combined cycle gas turbine into a reduced or zero emissions power system. The system includes a compressor which compresses air and combusts the air with a hydrocarbon fuel. The products of combustion and the remaining portions of t ...

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One aspect of the present invention relates to a process of cogeneration utilizing a compressed gas energy storage system which includes a gas storage area, a compression train for pressurizing a gas to be stored in the gas storage area, and an expansion train for depressurizing high pressure gas re ...

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Sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, emitted in flue gases are separated by gas centrifuge separators, and liquefied by gas mechanical compression and cooling means.

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A system for storing electrical energy in the form of triple-point CO.sub.2 and then using such stored energy plus heat to generate electrical power. A reservoir of carbon dioxide liquid at about the triple point is created in an insulated vessel. Liquid carbon dioxide is withdrawn and pumped to a h ...

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A fuel efficient combination of pressurized combustion and compressed air energy storage in which combustion air compressors have excess capacity which is utilized, during off-peak periods, to charge an underground storage cavern. Air withdrawn from the cavern during peak periods is utilized as comb ...

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The invention described is a method of segregating a bolus of fluid using a pneumatic actuator in a fluid handling circuit. The described invention further includes a method of segregating a bolus of fluid using a pneumatic actuator in a fluid handling circuit wherein the method includes the step of ...

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A method for storing electric power and later utilizing the stored power is described which includes the steps of converting the electric power to chemical energy of molecular hydrogen, reacting the hydrogen with a source of carbon to produce a hydrocarbon compound such as methane or methanol, stori ...