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Electro-optical device useful in modulation of reflected light, and the like, typically comprising an electrochromic device containing a reflecting mirror surface, said electrochromic device being a sandwich arrangement of a transparent electrode, an electrochromic layer, a reflecting and support la ...

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A trap bracket assembly for use in a cable television system, wherein multiple trap shields are held in a mutually fixed parallel relationship and suspended from a support cable carrying the coaxial cable.

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A process provides for the recovering of methane gas from subterranean coalseams having sloughing, or caving, characteristics. A borehole is drilled in a generally horizontal direction into a subterranean coalseam and as the drilling progresses, a flushable borehole cake is formed on and in the wall ...

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A tool, e.g., a well packer, for restricting the flow of fluid through an annulus defined by the interior walls of a fluid conduit, e.g., well casing, and the exterior of a tubular member, e.g., the packer mandrel, is disclosed. The novelty of the present invention lies in the deformable packer elem ...

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After the shape of the zone of implantation in the mouth is obtained by direct impression, micro-sensing or optical impression, a prosthesis or a mold for making a prosthesis is automatically machined by machine tool at a work center with the assistance of a calculator or computer which takes into c ...

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A personal or spot area environmental management system has a low pressure air supply in fluid communication with an air nozzle and a water supply in fluid communication with a water nozzle. The air nozzle and water nozzle are arranged that the water nozzle includes a vortex in the air stream from t ...

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A method for removing water and producing methane from a subterranean coal seam. The method includes drilling a first substantially vertical well bore to the depth of the target coal seam, enlarging the bore of the vertical well at the depth of a target coal seam to provide an enlarged cavity, drill ...

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A vehicle battery changing and positioning device particularly suitable for use with electric driven vehicles of a mine operating type and the like, including lift arms pivotally mounted to the vehicle frame and releasably attached at their free ends to a battery tray and cover, with hydraulic actua ...

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A shower head structure includes a showerhead made up of a main body adjustably mounted to a water outlet coupling tube and rotated in any angles wherein the main body has a limiting separation board properly preset at one side thereof to divide a water-collecting space and a concaved space at both ...

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Process for hollowing out by dissolution a cavity (1a) in a terrain (1) containing a majority of salt, with the following stages: An injection channel, an extraction channel and an outline communication space are made so the injection and extraction channels are connected, and at least one outline b ...